Monday, March 30, 2009


Charlotte had another haircut session together with daddy at a salon last Sunday. We were not prepared for her to get her haircut session but just right before we entered the salon her daddy asked her if she would want to join him. She told her daddy that she just wanted to get her fringe trimmed, but not the back. Her daddy agreed to her, but then told the hair dresser to trim her back too... *shh*

Haircut sessions have been very pleasant for us and Charlotte probably enjoys it too as she behaves so well every time. I did not bring my camera along so I took the pictures with Pat's phone camera. I just thought it was just a very nice scene to capture.

Isn't she an angel?

Happily posing after the session :)


  1. I get my haircut at home... my poh poh gave me better haircut, mummy cut can be slightly.... not so straight.

  2. She certainly looked like she enjoyed her haircut.

  3. She look so serious in the first pic and very sweet smiling on the 2nd :)

  4. She is always an angel. She had that sweet smile that can melt any man's heart. She even melt aunty's heart la.