Monday, March 23, 2009

Vacation! (Part I)

With the current economically challenged situation we really have to watch our spending, that means no expensive, luxury holidays for awhile *sob*. Pat called me from work 2 weeks ago invited us to join him to go to KL from 18th-22nd Mar. I wasn't really prepared and anticipated a holiday but I guess I could use my 2 days unpaid leave that I entitled for Mar. So, I agreed to the plan. I had to purchase flight tickets for Charlotte and myself though (got it at a very good price from MAS though, all in only RM64 each!) Pat will only come home mid of this week.

We left Penang last Thursday morning and I prepared a snack for Charlotte.

By the time we arrived in KL was already past 1.00pm, daddy had to rush for an business appointment after we settled lunch. As usual, we stayed at the Royal Bintang Damansara as we find it very convenient. Charlotte and I of course had a nice shopping time after daddy left. Our first stop? Daiso, again! The last time I made it there was Dec, I just had to pop my head in to see what's new. Bought quiet a load but the stuff are still in KL, Pat will only bring them back this week.

I then let Charlotte spent a short 10min at the playground at the 2nd floor as a small reward for her well behave. As I was about to leave The Curve, we went into one last store (big mistake) and Charlotte found this...

Call it a fair set. Charlotte was asking for "butterfly wings" for quite some time already and I promised her that I will made her one but had been procrastinating. It is a simple craft to do, all I need is just the right materials. Well, since there is a ready made and it comes with a wand and a hair band and only cost RM24.90, why not? So I bought it and she insisted wearing the set out for dinner that night! She caught all the attentions while walking along The Street as we were heading towards Tony Roma's. I bet daddy will feel very uneasy if he was with us (daddy had to attend a business dinner that evening). A scope of vanilla ice-cream (comes with her meal actually) after dinner was another reward for her for being such a good girl that whole evening! We had a good mother-daughter time :)

That was a very smooth shopping & dining first day.