Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Charlotte likes to snuggle up with me whenever possible. It is very funny that even we are sitting on a 3 seater couch, two of us usually only occupied 1 seat. I felt suffocated when I needed a space of my own, especially when I had a long day at work, or not feeling too well. But most of the time we both enjoy the cuddling and being close to each other.

One night she was sleeping very close to me and held my hand. She asked: "mommy why you always smell so good?". I thought it was a very funny question, so I gave a simple answer: "because I just had a shower" and brushed it off.

This morning she came to me and put a little handkerchief of her on my face before we left home. I didn't know what she was doing but I let her. Later I overheard the conversation of her and my mother: "外婆, you smell" and hand out the handkerchief, and she continued: "妈妈的味道, 很香! 我要带去学校"