Sunday, June 17, 2007


I have been tagged by Joyce about the meaning of "Charlotte", this is sort of a game the group has started and it is pretty interesting especially when everybody responded! So, here is my turn writing about the name, Charlotte.

When I was pregnant, we were not able to know the gender until the 6th month! So, Pat and myself had to plan every thing for both genders including the name. Web was our main resource when we were looking for names, websites like the,,, and of course some books. In fact, I used a lot throughout my entire pregnancy and I continue to get useful tips from the website on my toddler's development progress.

Our number 1 choice of girl's name was Kaitlyn. It means "little darling" originated from Celtic. We were 99.9% satisfied and sure with this before Pat found out that one of his colleagues just had a daughter and they named her Kaitlyn. Just one month before my due date, I also found out that another friend also naming her daughter the same name.

We then had to consider other names obviously. Some of our choices were Lynette, Ashley, Kaylie, Noelle, Deanna and of course Charlotte. We couldn't decide which is better, some were too common others were too difficult to pronounce and may potentially being relate to some funny meanings. We only came to agreement to name her Charlotte when we were due for her registration (oops...).

Charlotte, in french means petite and feminine and I always wanted to name my baby girl this name. Subconsciously, maybe I wished for her to be like the young talented soprano, Charlotte Church or this 6 years old girl

Working out a Chinese name was a challenge. Pat doesn't know Chinese and thus only very limited comment from him each time i suggest a Chinese name. We had to turn to our parents to ask for help. I also bought a book called "寶貝取名有學問" and also other books from friends and family members. The book suggested many methods to name a baby, eg. personality, career, number of strokes, the year the baby is born and etc. Some are rather difficult to understand while others are too complicated. Pat and I then agreed that we took the year and the number of strokes as guidelines.

Guidelines (those few that I remembered):
1. Charlotte is born in the year of "Rooster" and it is suggested that a rooster needs food and shelter. Words with these radicals are highly encouraged

2. Words with radical of knife or king/emperor are not encouraged to use because a rooster is slaughtered and served to the emperor during celebrations.

3. Try to get total strokes of 18 or 28, Pat likes number 8 (our house number is 28 if you noticed)

My original choice was(clever, intelligent)(appropriate), pronounce as "lì yí". It met criteria #1 as it carries the radicals of food and shelter. However, later we realized that it violates criteria #2 becausehas the radical of "knife". Also, that time we wanted to name our baby girl as Lynette instead of Charlotte. The initial of this combination is not very appealing (if you can figure out)...

(announce, proclaim)(forgive, pardon), pronounce as "xuān yòu". MIL suggested this and told us that it means she has the authority to conduct pardon. It has total 18 strokes, both the characters have the radical that represents shelter, met criteria #1 and #3 and also not violating #2. So we accepted it.

Her full name is Charlotte Chan. Yes, just Charlotte Chan and you must be wondering why? Well, it was my idea not to register the Chinese name but just make it available for her. Most of the time I noticed that someone's Chinese name is hardly refer to if he/she has an English name. Take Pat's name for example, his full name is Patrick Chan Kin Tek. Only his family members call him "Tek" (which is not even his full Chinese name) and everyone else knows him as Patrick. However, we want her to have a Chinese name so that she can use it if she needs to.

Therefore, Charlotte Chan or 陈宣宥 (chén xuān yòu) is the name of our baby girl. Petite, feminine but yet strong and empowered to forgive.

Anyone else left to tag? I doubt so...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Back on the Car Seat!

Yes, thanks to the playgroup! This is my biggest gain from just 2 gathering so far. I have been showing Charlotte that all of her friends are sitting on their own car seat while their parents drive and take them "kai kai". Just last Sunday, I carried Charlotte out to say goodbye to Bryan after the play group. I made a conscious effort to explain to her that she could do just the same.

We gave up on car seat when Charlotte was about 10months old. Back then, my auntie was taking care of her and sometimes they took her "kai kai" in the afternoon without a car seat. After a few times, we failed to strap her down and we gave up totally when Brenda came.

On Sunday night itself, I took the car seat out again and showed it to Charlotte. She immediately sat on it (we were still in the room). In order not to discourage her, both Pat and myself had to carry her (with her in the car seat) to the car. She was alright and we headed on to MIL's house for dinner without major issue. Phew!

This morning, I had to take Charlotte for her PD visit and I put her on the car seat again. She did alright too except she couldn't fall asleep. Charlotte is very used to being carried and fell asleep in our arms. However, she was very sleepy and tired on our way back after the PD visit but still didn't quite comfortable falling asleep in her car seat. So, I asked her to close her eyes and decided to offer her my hand. She closed her eyes while holding on to my hand and less than 5 seconds she was already in dreamland!

I'm going to be away soon, I only hope Pat and her grandparents are going to continue this effort.

One Big Step in Vocabulary

Charlotte is saying a lot more words nowadays and we felt like she has made a big step in her vocabulary. Just last Saturday, we took her to the park to play and she was walking on her own right in front of us. Suddenly, she turned back and said "hold" and reached out her arm to me. She asked me to hold her hand and walk her down the steps!

Another time, we were on our way home from dinner and shopping. Brenda was feeding Charlotte "nen nen" at the back (this is what we normally do by the way, feed her "nen nen" in the car, change her PJ and she will be in dreamland in no time). When she finished her "nen nen", she shouted "wet! wet!" it was so loud and clear! Apparently, the bottle licked and her dress was wet! All of us were so impressed and so happy for her in making such a big progress. She had this big smile on her face as if she understood when we all praised her for being such a clever girl!

She also picked up "ant" and "frog" from the movie "The Ant Bully". Whenever she sees a 6-legged or 8-legged insects these days she will call them ants anyway. She will choose her movie every night by saying those words that she knows. If she says "ant ant" means she wants to watch The Ant Bully, or if she says "cow cow" we will have to play the Barn Yard for her.

But I'm still impressed with the progress and achievement Xuan made. She is so advance and I hope Charlotte soon would be able to talk like her ...

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Little Darth Vader

We took Charlotte swimming again this afternoon but it was only for a short while because it was drizzling.

I bought Charlotte a bathrobe last night from Jusco as I felt it's a little freezing to walk her (while she's still wet) from the pool to the bathroom downstairs where it's all air conditioned. I wrapped her in a towel last week but she didn't quite like it because her hand movement was restricted.

I put the new bathrobe on her right after I took her out from the pool and see how she looked like...

Don't you think this looks familiar? Yes, a little Darth Vader in pink (LOL!)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Safari Adventure - KLCC

When we were at KL last couple of weeks, we took the opportunity to bring Charlotte around the city. We visited to The Curve, IKEA and KLCC and had many famous food there like the Ampang Yong Tao Fu and had dinner at Marche.

We were lucky when we visited the KLCC on Saturday, they were having the Safari Adventure for the kids at the concourse. There were games and goodies bag given out at each booth. Charlotte enjoyed playing the games, well actually cheating because she's too small for those games and her daddy was helping...

Daddy helped her to put the ring onto the giraffe, actually the kids were supposed to throw from a distance (see those lines marked on the floor...). She happily giving high five to the rangers in charged after mission accomplished and they were kind enough to reward her with a goodies bag...

At the other booth, kids need to throw the balls into those holes as if feeding the animals, and see how Charlotte cheated...


Here is another one where kids need to know the shapes well and use them to complete the puzzle, and this was how Charlotte did it...


We were all exhausted at the end of the visit, we headed home and planned the visit to the Aquaria the next day...

Aquaria - KL Conventional Center

It was Charlotte's fisrt visit to the Aquaria (actually it was everybody's fist visit including our maid, Brenda). We wanted to bring Charlotte to the National Zoo at Hulu Klang but then I was hesitated because of the warm weather. Then, SIL (sister-in-law) suggested the Aquaria!

When we first entered, there were a few small, shallow open "pools" where the turtles, star fish and other small fishes are put inside for the visitors to touch and feel them. My husband picked up a star fish and gave it to Charlotte, she recognized it and said "tar!" (star). Then her daddy spotted the turtles and picked up a big one for her! I thought she wouldn't touch it but I was wrong.

Charlotte enjoyed most of it except the reptiles. We only realized it when she kept saying "bye bye!" to the reptiles, she was trying to tell us to move on to the next station.

They were also promoting "Adopt A Turtle" campaign, if you sign-up and they will micro chipped one baby turtle for you and you can monitor it's progress via the internet (sorry, not for you to bring it back). They will release it to the open sea when it's 3-4months old (or 3-4 years? cannot remember) and you would be still able to locate it. We think that it's a good idea but Charlotte is too young to be able to understand the meaning behind it. We will probably do that in the future.

We were right on the "feed the fish" schedule when we at the last segment of the Aquaria. All the kids were sitting right in fron of this big "window" and waiting for the "feeding" show to start. It was actually very interesting and I think Charlotte picked up the meaning of it as she was telling her grandma: "Man, aam..." and showing sign with her hands too.

Play Group

After many months of discussion and planning, the play group is finally in action! Bryan, Ethan and Hin Lerk came over to our house last Sunday and it was Charlotte's first play group ever! Well yes, all boys and only Charlotte. Ching Ern was suppose to join us but she over slept and her mommy decided to bring her the next round (which is this Sunday, yeah!!).

See how busy everybody was...

The boys particularly loved the new scooter we bought for Charlotte but no photos captured as we were all too busy looking after them when they played so that they didn't get themselves hurt or we were enjoying the Sarawak Laksa which Bryan's mommy brought over (ha! ha!)

Want to know why Charlotte was holding her hand in the last picture? Check out the interesting caption that Ethan's mommy put up:

To little Ethan: No problem, Ethan. It's part of learning and growing up! Don't worry about it and you are still invited to the play group!

Equinox Membership

We are staying in a terrace house, there are not many out door activities Charlotte could play besides riding her scooter, walking Simba (our golden retriever) around the neighbourhood and blowing bubbles. Other than that, we will have to bring her to the park to play on the slides, swings and etc. We particularly love to take Charlotte for swimming and her first swimming experience was back in Oct 2006 when we took her to Pulau Langkawi.

Hubby and I discussed about this and finally we decided to sign up the Equinox membership at Equatorial Hotel. Charlotte can use the pool and we can use the gym, jaccuzzi, sauna and etc. We took Charlotte there for swimming last Sunday and she enjoyed it very much!

Later, we took her out from the float and let her tried using the arm floats. Unfortunately, her arms are not strong enough to support the weight as yet and because of that she actually galloped down a big mouth full of water, oops...but she didn't want to get back to the float anymore! So, daddy had to carry and support her after that.

It was also a challenge to take her out from the pool when we were ready to head home. She cried and screamed all the way from poolside to the bathroom downstairs. Luckily, she stopped crying after we entered the bathroom area as she saw the jaccuzzi. She must be thinking that mommy was bringing her for 2nd round in a different pool! Too bad darling, we'll come back next week.

She asked for "nen nen" while we were waiting for her daddy and I gladly offered her a full 6oz milk and she finished it! Not only that, she cried and asking for more when I removed the empty bottle from her. I guess it must be the exercise in the pool! She fell asleep on our way back. Just imagine how exhausted she was!

The timing was all as we planned because she woke up at 5pm, just right before Ethan, Bryan and Hin Lerk showed up for play group! I guess this is going to be one of Charlotte's weekend agenda from now on...

Perfect Kiss

Did I mention how sweet Charlotte's kisses are? I think I did in one of my previous blogs and her daddy managed to capture it last Sunday when we took her swimming.

What a perfect moment to save!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mobility - It's when you have full control of it...

Toys R Us was on promotion of cash vouchers and we visited the one at Gurney Plaza on Saturday. I was thinking of getting Charlotte a proper set of table and stools for her reading and drawing activities. Then I was distracted when I saw her riding on this battery operated motorbike, passing me while I was checking out the table set. She just needs to step on the paddle to move it and lift up to stop. She obviously has not master her hands and legs coordination and she was hitting "road blocks" here and there. She looked so serious when shw was riding on it. It was very funny and cute!

We bought it finally (postponing the table and stools set to next month) and the store assistance told us that they need about 30min to assemble it. So, we took Charlotte to Mc D for lunch and got her a Happy Meal with Shrek III toy! She has collected 4 so far (oops...)

Finally, her new scooter is ready and she was happily trying it out right side of the store! Still, needs a bit more practice on those coordinations (nearly went down the escalator!)

Friday, June 1, 2007

How Do I Live Without You?

Charlotte is not staying with us this week and I miss her everyday! I call to check on her every morning, want to know if she slept well last night. Then I call again in the afternoon to check if she is eating well and had her morning nap. I call again later in the evening to find out if she has been a good girl...hubby said I'm crazy!

Hubby and I took this opportunity to try to finish up all the DVDs that we bought but have not been able to watch them. We usually watch the movie after Charlotte went to bed but most of the time we were not able to finish it because we could hear Charlotte crying half way through the movie (because of the surrounds). I keep the remote control nowadays so that hubby doesn't get to increase the volume without my knowledge. He complains that it is not as fun and exciting when the surrounds are not put in full blast. No choice, this is one of those little things that we need to give in.

Here is the list of movies we watched this week:
1. Eragon
2. Music & Lyrics
3. The Banquet
4. Firewall

We were able to enjoy our dinners without having to worry of places or food that are suitable for Charlotte. We have not been having nice, peaceful meals for the last 18 months (but life got much better since we have Brenda, our super duper maid!). We had dinner like seafood (too dirty for Charlotte), steamboat (too long time for Charlotte), Bak Kut Teh (too warm for Charlotte), Victoria Station (...) for the past few days.

Having said that, I miss hearing Charlotte's voice, I miss singing songs with her, I miss seeing her dance when we turned on the music/movie but most of all, I miss her kisses! She has the sweetest kiss of all. This is what she normally do when I ask her: Charlotte, come give mommy a kiss. She kiss you on your lips (I know, not a very good idea but it's so sweet!). She would pause a little bit and ends it with a very soft and light "pop"! It's a perfect "mmmmmuak"!

I'm anxious now thinking about having to leave her again for 2 business trips coming up soon