Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Eventful Month

Never thought that we could be this busy in November. Somehow or rather, we had scheduled event week after week.

First it was Charlotte's 6th birthday! We first had a small celebration among family members. It is always the case, that Charlotte will celebrate her birthday at least 2x, sometimes 3x. The highlight was the birthday party we did for her and her friends. It was kind of tricky to plan for her birthday party this year. We wanted an outdoor play but it was raining season. Pat and I hesitated for quite a bit and we only sent out birthday party invitation at the very last minute.

We organized a park-&-pool session at our new home, only few friends are invited, they are obviously the special someone named by Charlotte. The kids enjoyed themselves in the water before we adjourned to a restaurant nearby. Let the pictures speak for itself...

Follow up by Charlotte's Graduation Ceremony. The ceremony was a very organized and solemn event that I ever seen of any children's event. The message sent out from this ceremony wasn't much about concert and performance but it carried a very meaningful reminder to all, to be grateful and respectful to parents. I hope Charlotte builds her foundation with these good values and carries them with her through her growing.    

Then it was school holidays! Since Abby is still too young to travel with us, we had to leave her behind and we just embarked on the nearest adventure - Universal Studio Singapore!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


我从小就在基督教家庭环境中长大, 受的不只是基督教的教导 而且也听了很多人与人之间以基督教教育为中心的教导, 参与了很多生活营, 宣传活动, 见证会等等 但是本身却没作过或体会过什么惊人的见证. 又或许我的生活一都很顺利, 也没经过什么大风大浪, 所以也不怎么会有特别的体会. 可是唯一根基扎的很稳的就是"凡是都要祷告". 小时候的我无论遇到什么事, 或什么危险, 总是"主啊! 主啊! 帮助我.."的在祷告, 祈求.

不知道什么开始, 生活的脚步快了, 责任多了, 肩上的负担重了, 时间少了, 忘了凡是都要祷告, 信靠主必然得胜有余的教导. 虽然妈妈时时都在提醒不要忘了祷告的力量, 不要忘了上帝是真神. 可是, 我总是左耳听右耳出的, 没真正的把它听进去.

在可宥(Abigail) 四个月大的时候, 我发现她的头部长了许多一粒一粒的"红疹". 当时, 我们并没有怎么得别着急, 就等了每个月要打育苗针的时候才问了可宥的儿科医生. 那儿科医生初步的诊断也只不过是一般的皮肤敏感. 他给了一瓶药, 约四到五天内就没事啦. 我们也没多顾虑, 就离开了. 过了大约两个星期, 我才发现本来的"四到五天"还没进展反而有点严重了. 我也开始焦急了, 又带了可宥马上去看了她的儿科医生. 这次, 医生的诊断还是相当简单. 他写了个字条给我们, "没事的, 等她在长大些割了吧". 听到""我们就急了起来, 毕竟头部手术 还是不简单, 更和况是对一个一岁不足的婴儿来说. 可是, 那个儿科医生也不多说, 只叫我们依照字条上写的去网上翻阅有关的资料.

回到家之后 我们马上翻阅网上所有关于"sebaceous naevus" 的资料. 我们是越翻阅, 越着急, 又忧虑. 虽然资料显示没什么大不了的问题, 可是我们对那必须面对的手术和那几个少数危机总是耿耿于怀. 网上的资料显示有少部分的病例会导致恶性肿瘤和影响发育的进展度. 虽然并没有一的病例数字, 试问哪个作父母遇到这样的事会不担心的? 我们接二连三的寻找儿科医生, 皮肤专科医生, 我们就希望会有不一样诊断结果, 可是最后判断是一致的. 我们的希望也跌到最低.

从一开始, 妈妈对我们的鼓励和劝慰都离不开"祷告". 每一次都要我们向上帝祈求. 有一次, 大哥大嫂刚好来拜访, 妈妈也就向他们提到了这件事. 我们一家人当中大哥的信心最大, 所以妈妈也请大哥帮忙代祷. 大哥也给了我一个很合适的金句, 他说"在人不可能, 在神凡事都能!". 那天过后, 我每一个夜里在抱着可宥, 喂着奶的时候我都不断的在祷告. 我祈求上帝怜悯可宥, 让她小小的生命可以逃过开刀动手术的必要. 我祈求上帝亲自为可宥作医生, 为她医治. 我恳求上帝显神迹, 让在人不可能的, 在神凡事都能...就这样, 每一天有很多人都在为可宥不停的祷告.

在不停的祷告的同时, 我们也式这找了我小时候常看的医生. 他不是什么专科医生, 可是他是我们小时候一有皮破血流就找的医生. 记忆里他是比皮肤专科还棒的呢! 他肯定了一部分是 sebaceous naevus 没错, 但他却说另一部分并不是. 他配两种吃的药, 还有一罐涂的. 我们问了那 sebaceous naevus 的一部分是要怎么解决, 他也没清楚的解释, 只是说那个没要紧, 以后在弄. 妈妈也说可宥爱流汗, 建议把她的头发剪了, 我也照这做了. 总之, 可以式的我们都不会放过. 一个星期过去了, 也不见有特别的进展. 我们也接受了这个事实. 就也不再服药了. 唯一没有停止的就只是祷告. 

过了大楷三个月, 有一天要去接可宥回家的时候她的babysitter忽然对我说"我跟你说她的头..." 还没听她说完我心里就冷了一下, 又不知道发生什么事了. "她的头好像好了!". 当时的我又急又兴奋, 马上看了一下, 真的, 那些凸出来的变平了, 头皮也没以前的红肿了! 观察了差不多一个礼拜, 情况真的有改善!!! 我马上的把这个好消息告诉妈妈和大哥. 大哥作了一个 thumbs-up 的动作, 点了点头笑笑的说"我每晚都在为她祷告"!!!

现在的我在一次的找回祷告的力量, 再一次的体会到是神的应许与祝福. 其实, 上帝并没有离开过我们, 是我们离开了上帝.

这是我小的时候最爱唱的一首诗歌, 当中的意义, 我到现在才真正的体会到.



Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Wish...

Sometimes I wish...
To have more than 24hours a day
To have longer and better sleep
To have a little getaway
To have a quiet time and space of my own
To have time go for regular facial
To have a time for a good hairdo
To have a nicely done pedicure

Before I wrote this, I thought I had a lot to wish for, I thought I was desperate, I thought there is something very important missing in my life, I thought I needed something more…but I realized that all I wished for was very trivial.

Instead of ranting, I am now thankful...
For 2 wonderful children
For an amazing family love and support
For true friends to share all the joys and sorrows
For I don't have to worry for food and shelter
Most importantly, I am thankful that I have God, the Heavenly Father, my shelter and my refuge in time of trouble.

He gives strength to the weary
and increases the power of the weak.
Even youths grow tired and weary,
and young men stumble and fall;
but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.
Isaiah 40: 29-31

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Halloween celebration is not very popular here in Malaysia, other than seeing Halloween decorations, Halloween costumes selling at the malls young children here do not experience the trick or treat fun.

I did not have plan to celebrate Halloween, I don’t have the time, and I don’t have the energy to be honest. But Charlotte curiously asked “mommy, what is Halloween?” I felt that the explanation of “scary dress up” and “pumping carving” is not good enough. So, I had an idea of getting helps from others to celebrate this Halloween together.

Charlotte has 2 other classmates staying around our neighborhood, and another good friend staying just nearby. So, I invited all the mothers and one other neighbor and shared the Halloween idea with them and luckily all were very supportive. Since I couldn’t host the party, I asked all participate family to take turn to host and let the kids had the Trick or Treat from house to house! J

Each of them is requested to dress up in their Halloween costume, bring a candy carrier along and each family need to prepare a fun Halloween game as the kids visited their house. The kids happily shouted “Trick or Treat!!” as they visited each house and they played games, made scary faces, spent some time and enjoyed themselves before moving to another house. In total we had only 5 participated families, the highlight of that night for the kids? Of course the candy collection!! See how big was Charlotte’s candy carrier?

Actually I wanted to bring Abigail along for the Trick or Treat, unfortunately when we left for the 1st house it was drizzling. So Abby had to stay home L  

I hope the parents did not have a big problem saying “no candy today!” to their kid after that night J  

Thank you all for your participation and support to make this event successful!