Monday, March 9, 2009

Nice Dining Out With You Lately

Pat and I decided to bring Charlotte to Victoria Station for dinner last weekend as we recalled the last time we took her there she was probably under 1 year old. We stopped going there for quite some time now because the food isn't really great compared to the price they charged. But we made an exception last weekend just for the lil girl.

I made simple pancakes with a Hello Kitty pan that I bought and decorated it a little bit. It also has been a long time since I made pancake for Charlotte and I knew she will be thrilled having it again. I also made a couple of cheese cutouts with Hello Kitty face to balance the diet and I felt much more assured going to somewhere without having to worry if we can find something suitable for Charlotte to eat.

Charlotte was very excited when we showed her the train and we spent the first few minutes taking photos outside before we make our place into the restaurant.

I usually like either steak or lamb and I never order combo meal. After I ran through the menu I ended up ordering a combo meal because I wanted to try my luck of getting Charlotte to eat the food served by the restaurant. I ordered a combo with lobster and chicken but before the food was served she already asking for her bento. I tried to delay her by offering her a sticker book, with stickers of course but that didn't last. So, I pulled out the bento box and her reaction was "Wow! Pancake!"

She emptied the box before our food was served. That was the last thing I wish when we dine out because the experience told me when she is done with hers it is assumed that we are done with ours too. Luckily when I offered her the cheese baked lobster she ate almost half of it! So, it was just another nice dinner!

The next day we went to an Italian restaurant, I didn't prepare bento. Charlotte had half of my spaghetti! No, I am not complaining. I have been waiting for this day for the last 3 years and it is here finally!


  1. Congrats, congrats and congrats! Happy to hear.
    Charlotte is very smart huh, I want that cheese lobster dish too!
    Funny to think that Mummies somehow would make an exception or thinking of their child before placing order on their own meal. I did that too... :)

  2. All Mummies are the same, our kiddo comes in first whenever we order/cook food..

    Glad to hear Charlotte enjoyed food now...

  3. That's great to have your girl enjoy 'fine' meals together. My daughter got mood..sometimes she wants to eat, sometimes she just want to play!