Thursday, August 19, 2010

Then & Now

This is picture was taken when Charlotte was 7 months old. She loved running her fingers on the keys when we put her in front of a piano. She had never bang her palms on the key like most kids do even at that young age. I don't know how she got the idea of using her fingers since then. After 5 years...

she is almost finishing book 1.

I started my piano lesson at age of 13, and it was never a challenge coordinating left and right hand when you are that "old". Charlotte is now starting to play with both hands and coordinating different finger on different hand at different note could be a challenge. I see her determination, I see her concentration in getting it right and I am very pleased. I taught her a song last night and she asked to be left practising while I attend my evening meeting. And I did get a very pleasing result after 1 hour! A very good girl isn't she?  

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Just Beautiful!

A couple weeks back we received the key to our studio suites and we finally made our visit there last weekend. Our unit is at the top floor, although not sea view but the views from all angles were spectacular! Because we have the corner unit, the living room window has the view all way to Gurney Drive, and the balcony is over looking the tennis court and swimming pool.

The workmanship and finishing are the best of all houses we bought so far. Kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom are all done up, lighting and air conditioning are installed, all one needs is a bed, a sofa set, a satellite dish and a TV to move in.

Charlotte had the biggest fun enjoying a swim of the brand new infinity pool on the roof top and the environment was very green and peaceful.

We also made way to the beach front to check out the view and scenery.

The spectacular view, pleasing workmanship, beautiful environment and architectures made us feel like getting another unit. But I believe that good thing doesn't come twice, let's eyeing for some place else...meanwhile, we can still bring Charlotte for a swim until we hand over the key to the new owner *wink*