Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You Made Me Proud!

A week before I was very worried if Charlotte would let me leave for work everyday this week as it is a school holiday week. I started to prepare her for what's coming, explained to her what school holiday is, and the most important message is "mommy has to go to work". I am very proud to say that her response and supportiveness was way beyond my expectation.

Not only that she is good to let me leave for office every morning without any fuss, she also been behaving very well at home. She did her home work, voluntarily. Her school doesn't have home work for them but those are simple worksheets that I prepared and have asked Brenda to make sure that she spends some time with Charlotte for simple learning instead of watching TV all day.

When I went home on Monday evening Brenda told me that Charlotte switched off the TV herself soon after I left for work and asked for her homework. The worksheets were very well done and she had not watch any movie that day. Same thing happened yesterday (Tuesday).

I have been very busy with work and have teleconference on most weeknights recently. I am usually exhausted after work and have not been emphasising in Charlotte's academical learning, shame on me. I only started to teach her simple spelling a week ago. Simple words (3 to 5 letters), as we came across them. It was spontaneous. I also started her on spelling the numbers, like "O-N-E", "T-W-O", and the last one was "T-H-R-E-E". Yesterday, I asked Charlotte "now, do you know how to spell four?" and she replied softly and slowly "hmm...F-O-U-R"! Guess who has been teaching her...Brenda! I am thankful that Brenda is very sincere and helpful too.

Charlotte is definitely showing her maturity and understanding more now than before. When I have night teleconferences and daddy is not around, I usually give her advance notice and that she will have to let Brenda to tuck her in bed (I used to sneak out when she didn't pay attention, and hide in my room at least 1hour before the meeting time for her to finish her screams and cries before the meeting starts). Now, I just need to make sure I have my work schedules planned ahead of time. She doesn't react very well with last minute notice though, then again, don't we all too? It's all about respect, even with the little ones.

Both Pat and I are very thankful that we are blessed with such a wonderful daughter!


  1. You are very lucky. Charlotte is such a good girl. And doubly lucky that Brenda is able to help out with teaching Charlotte.