Thursday, April 2, 2009


No, no, I'm not talking about us moving to new house. It's Charlotte's school, sadly to say.

The school is just within the walking distance from our house currently and it is VERY convenient for us. Charlotte loves to walk to school every morning. In fact, she prefers to walk to school instead of us driving her when we are also living for work. Unfortunately, bad news came last few weeks that the school is considering of moving. One of the many reasons behind this decision is that they are unable to get the license from government as one of the requirement is that the nursery has to been either a semidetached house or a corner unit of terrace houses. They are occupying 2 intermediate terrace units at the moment and this is the 6th years they have yet to obtain the license. There are many other reasons too.

The new location is very far and it is out of the way for both my husband and I. Although we are trying very hard to influence the decision, it is pretty much confirmed that they are going to move. My biggest headache now is how to get Charlotte to and from the school. Luckily the school recommended someone who is willing to fetch the children from the area that I am staying and she is also currently helping a few other parents to send the children to this school. Although I have secured a place for Charlotte, I am still trying if there are other options to consider.

Preferably not to change school. I am very happy with this school and the teachers. I expected the worst when Charlotte was starting full day school here but it turned out to be the best ever experience. I also try not to have someone to send Charlotte, considering safety issues and such. I will have to workout the work schedules with my manger if necessary.

We are also thinking that if the arrangement didn't workout somehow, we will need to send Charlotte to the one we considered before. Both Pat and I think she is ready now and this is definitely one of our options to consider.

Last night, Charlotte said a prayer before bed. She said "Jesus, please help me don't move my school!". I knew what she meant but I just couldn't help laugh out loud when I heard it.

Well, we'll see how it turns out.


  1. oh dear! Where is the school moving to? I had wanted to ask u long long time... Which school are u sending little Charlotte to?

  2. Oh dear. I hope you guys can work out a way to let Charlotte continue at the new location. She seems to be doing so well there. Perhaps working a "cooperative" solution between you, Pat, MIL (?) and backup the school's driver? Best of luck

  3. H'mm ... i know my cousin worked out a plan with other moms within the same area to take turns and drive the children to school. Maybe you wanted to try ? it will be much safer comparing to the school's driver.

  4. I tot you are moving your blog to your own domain. :-)

    I hope everything works out for u. It is not easy to get day care licenses, furthermore the license is more expensive then kindy. Anyway, this is just what I heard.

  5. Such a tough decision huh? Nevermind, you still have time to look at the alternatives. I'm sure you'll be able to work something out. Unless Charlotte's prayers is answered.. somehow?

  6. Best of luck and hopefully you're able to get the best solution for Charlotte. How far is this new place?