Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's Up Weekend?

Just like everybody else, I look forward to every weekend. Not that I always have special arrangements but I just love the slower pace, sleep in a little bit and most importantly spending family quality time. I have been missing most of these for at least 5-6 weeks now, working through weekends. I started to feel exhausted, stressed out and to a certain extend feeling lost. But, good thing that we had something came up last weekend and I decided to pull myself away and step back from work for a few days.

It all started on Friday morning, it was Charlotte's school's Sport's Day. Initially we didn't sign up because parents are required to present as the games need to be participated together with the child. Both Pat and I decided that we should take part so that Charlotte wouldn't miss out either. It was just a half a day event anyway.

The event started with a very grand opening, with "Negaraku", "Pulau Pinang" and lastly the school anthem of course. Games started shortly after the warm up and cheer practise.

It was quite a warm day and the sun was bright. Some kids started to get tired, some asked to be carried, as for Charlotte? She had a strong shoulder to rely on...

and the orange team was the winner!!! (Quick update, short summary because I have a lot to write...)

That concludes what we did on first half of Friday. We had to quickly head home and rest because we had plan for second half of the day...

Yes, the Pisces Cruise! This started from a show & tell that daddy started when we passed by Port Swettenham one evening and the Cruise was there. Charlotte immediately demanded to go aboard without knowing that we had to purchase a ticket. Daddy promised that he would take her to the ship one day.

Since we already took Friday first half off from work, we thought let's hit two birds with one stone. Charlotte was very excited and she expected a lot from the Cruise. But it was really just a one night cruise to nowhere, mostly for gambling on board. Anyway, it was just an experience since daddy had promised the little girl.

True enough, there wasn't many places to wonder for long. Very soon we ran out of idea of what to do, plus we were with Pat's parents and a child, gambling was the only game that would last for hours and only Pat was interested in it. We spent some time at sunset launch, which there was a stage game going on. We were daring Charlotte to participate in the game and she said no, which was very predictable. What we didn't know was, secretly she was preparing herself for it. She observed the first round of the game and probably thought she was able to handle it and she requested to go up to the stage and participate! We were all very doubtful of it but Pat accompanied her anyway. It was a simple game, but required quick response. Charlotte was the youngest participant among all, and obviously everybody was paying attention to her. Every time she answered, the floor cheered for her, and she answered correctly, didn't disappoint her supporters. She actually out beat some adults and won the game!!

I have to say that was the only highlight for the cruise experience. Charlotte enjoyed the game, and the TV in the room the most (LOL).

I wanted to take some sun rise pictures but when I gotten the permission from Charlotte to get out to the deck the next morning it was already too late :(

The ship docked the next morning. It was difficult to make the little girl understand that the cruise experience had ended. To her, it was ended as soon as she woke up from her sleep! I'm sorry dear, we'll see if we can make another cruise experience next time, a better and longer one :)

Our weekend marathon continued. Charlotte was invited to 2 birthday parties. One was on Saturday night, she cousin Kim turned 15 and another one was on Sunday morning, her friend Ching Ern turned 4!

Ching Ern's mommy is one of those that I think has the best planning skill. She planned her son Sean's birthday back in Feb this year was a total thrilled and set high expectations of how-to-have-a-great-toddler-birthday-party standard. Those who got invited could not expect but only to be surprised!

It was a "Princess Party" theme and it was a fail proof theme for the girls (actually only girls were invited, sorry to the princes and kings). We went to the party with A present but came home with a BAG of goodies!

Host first made a "Royal Briefing" and then the Princess Party was officially started! 

And the girls were magically transformed to princesses!

I tell ya, the "satisfaction" on their face and the wowing were non stop as Wooi Sin pulled out her plan one after another. They had princesses dress up, find the Cinderella's lost slipper, the royal treasure hunt, princesses bubble popping and etc...You'll be so envy if you don't have a daughter (sorry, no offence) 

The girls had so much fun that they thought it was their respective birthday. They sang the birthday song together, cut the birthday cake together and open the presents together (well most of them opened up the present for Ching Ern)!

This was up till Sunday noon. What we did on the second half? Actually I was already in the wind down mood, thinking of the beginning of a working week come next day. However, Pat on the other hand had slept for almost all day after the world cup final. He was all charged and ready to go and he excited Charlotte by telling her about going to park!

Nothing extraordinary to blog about but both Charlotte and myself were having fun exploring the jumping fun and I was surprised to see how high she could jump these days!

We did all of these in one weekend, unbelieveable isn't it? Not all were planned but it all turned out well. We had so much fun together.