Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fairy Bread

I learn about "fairy bread" from here and I thought it was an excellent way to prepare a simple sandwich which often perceive as boring. Especially for Charlotte, I immediately thought of preparing it for her to lure her to eat sandwiches and breads.

I first tried that about 4 months ago and I let Charlotte brought that to school which she was attending back then. What a big mistake! She only took the hundreds and thousands but returned me the sandwiches untouched. I tried that the second time about a few weeks later but the same thing happened! So I stopped preparing the "fairy bread" since then.

Yesterday, as usual we are eating out on weekends but we were running out of idea of where to go. So to be on the safe side, I decided to prepare simple bento to bring along, just in case...since I was not online, I couldn't refer to my bookmarked bento examples I thought of just cutting simple sandwiches with strawberry jam that Charlotte loves. But as I was preparing the bread, I remembered the hundreds and thousands that have been sitting on the shelf since few months back. So, I thought maybe I should try the fairy bread again since Charlotte is a much more mature "eater" now then before but I kept it very simple just not to be disappointed again.

Did she eat? Oh yes! You should see her big smile when she saw what's inside the box and she did not pick on the hundreds and thousands only this time. She emptied the box while we were still cracking our head of where to eat!

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  1. lol don't we always have to try our luck to please the picky eater?