Saturday, March 14, 2009


Remember the crochet dress that Brenda (our maid) made for Charlotte? It didn't occur to me that I have a "sifu" (teacher) available 24x7 that I can take this opportunity to learn this skill until lately. When my company announced pay cut in Jan, we are entitled to get 2 days off every month and I started to wonder what I can do with this extra free time that I have.

While chatting with Brenda one day about the crochet workshop available at one of the mall nearby she said why not I go learn up this skill with the 2 days every month and I seriously think that was such a great idea! But I didn't go sign up the workshop, instead I went to a book store and started to look for books on crochets. I studied the instructions and I think I am able to interpret at least 70% of it. I was thinking, it doesn't matter even if I don't understand the instruction as Brenda is definitely able to figure it out. So I bought this 2 books, but they are in Chinese.

I started to look for a simple pattern, with simple instruction to start with. It has been months since I started my 1st piece of work. You must be thinking, "she is too free ah?", "she no need to work meh?", but the truth is I have been spending a lot late nights doing it. I can only do a very small portion at a time because I am not familiar with the work and I need to watch the time so that I will not take too much time off from my sleep hours.

It is not complete yet, but here is a sneak preview as I tried it on Charlotte today. Actually, Brenda has been making a lot of corrections, repairs and additional rows when I was away at work. Otherwise, it will take another few more months if I do it all by myself.

I think it looks great on Charlotte!


  1. That's very nice! Great job Mommy!

  2. Wow, the dress, although not yet done, is so nice, the colors is perfect on her. And Charlotte looks so happy, I think she is looking forward wearing it.

  3. Wow! It looks great. Charlotte is very luck that her mummy is so hardworking to make such a pretty dress for her (and more to come?)

  4. Really looks soooo pretty!~ Mummy so geng~

  5. Thanks everyone! I think I want to give the credit to my maid, Brenda. She contributed majority of it :)

  6. Wow, what a beautiful dress. Charlotte's smiles pay off all the hardwork and late nights!
    And Mommy gets to learn new skills too...:-)