Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Babymoon

It was recommended that it is now time to do a little getaway before the baby comes - people call it "babymoon". So we did, but it was not just Pat and I. For those who knows me, I never left Charlotte behind. We spent the last weekend and the public holiday this week at KL and Cameron Highlands, again.

It is a very nice timing to visit most of the malls this time around, with all the fancy and beautiful Christmas decorations. In fact, we went to KL almost every year around the same time. I didn't take any pictures at KL as I was too tired and too lazy to carry around a huge camera bag. Kinda regretted now :(

We did most of the Christmas shopping and food exploring in KL, on top of that we also took Charlotte to watch the Rapunzel at Cathay Cineplex at e@Curve! It was the first time I bought a 3D movie for Charlotte. She was terrified when we went to the 4D theater at Hong Kong Disneyland in 2008. I was hesitated when deciding 3D or 2D ticket but Pat assured me that Charlotte is ready now, plus it is not 4D like the one we experienced in Disneyland. It turned out to be quite alright, Charlotte enjoyed the movie and the 3D experience. In fact, we were the one feeling uncomfortable wearing the 3D glasses for so long.

On the 3rd day, we left KL and headed to Cameron Highlands. We made plan and met my parents at the foothill. I enjoyed going to Cameron, I like the cooling weather, the greens and the slow and relaxing pace up there. Our last trip to Cameron was in Feb/Mar this year, together with Charlotte's friend, Chloe. The only thing Charlotte remembered was she went with Chloe, and they went strawberry picking. The weather was very nice and cooling, and we were lucky that it wasn't raining! Spent a very nice cool evening having a traditional charcoal steamboat dinner. My grandfather used to use this type of steamboat every Chinese New Year when he was around. It reminded me so much of him and also the reunion dinner when I was a young kid.

Of course the strawberry picking...

and the vegetable farm...

and the tea plantation...

It was a short trip, in fact too short for Cameron Highlands. Will probably plan another trip before the little trouble maker arrives...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

In My Head

I have been much of a couch potato at home lately as my belly gets bigger. I rest on my recliner while teaching Charlotte homework, watching movie, reading newspaper, reading emails...not very good pregnancy exercise, I know.

One evening, I was watching TV on my recliner, Charlotte started to sing "mi mi mi, mi mi mi, mi so do re mi..." (Jingle Bells) and I was surprised how did she come out with that. She actually sang it correctly, the whole song. So I told her to go to the piano and play it out. I told her to go ahead as I can hear if she plays wrongly and I continued to glue myself on the recliner. I was expecting a boring right hand play, but she showed me this...

It was still boring, but I was very pleased! She is just starting JMC book 2 and she could improvise this!

Pat had told me to teach her "jingle bells" once after the Saturday lesson but I have been procastnating it. I was surprise to hear it came from Charlotte that night. Further more she was playing with her left hand too. So went next to her when she played it again. I asked her if her teacher had taught her this but she said no, she said "I had it in my head!" 

What's In The Mail?

I came home from work last Monday and saw a sweet pink color envolope, with very nice handwritting addressing to Charlotte Chan. I flipped to the back of the envolope trying to find who that was but it wasn't written. So I guess it must be a nice surprise to Charlotte. 

I went to pick her up from school and showed her her first (real) letter that came in the mailbox today. She eagerly tearing the envolope apart (first timer, don't know how to open an envolope) and it side it was a beautiful birthday card!   

It was a birthday card from Auntie Cheah Wei and her daughter Yan. I had invited them for the party but unfortunately Auntie Cheah Wei was travelling that time.

The card was a very authentic idea, every single words was hand written by Yan and that includes the address on the envelope (very nice job) and there is also a McD voucher. What a wonderful idea, thanks CW and Yan!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Charlotte's 5th Birthday Party

We celebrated all Charlotte's previous birthdays with just close family members. This year Charlotte started to request to invite her friends and she started counting down many months back. Pat and I agreed that we will organize a birthday party for her since she has established her own circle of friends now.

We made this party all by ourselves, invitation, decorations, cooking, kids activity and etc. Both Pat and I took a day off and started the preparation since 8.30am. We first went to the market and get all the fresh ingredient and my busy kitchen only got settled down shortly before 6.00pm, just right before the guests arrival.

Charlotte came back from school and her first reaction was "wah!!" and she exclaimed "Thank you mommy and daddy!" as she noticed all the decoration we had put up.

She especially excited with the children's table setting, she chose the party hat herself and I think it was a perfect choice!

In my kitchen, I have:
1. Hokkien mee (typical Penang prawn noodle)
2. Seafood Marinara
3. Roast quarter chicken
4. Mash potatos
5. Tang yuen (glutinous rice ball in pandan and ginger soup)
6. Cranberries orange cupcakes
7. Horlicks doggie cookies
8. Ice cream
9. Party give aways

From other kitchen supply:
1. Birthday cake
2. Mini fruit tarts
3. Sweet tapioca kuih

Too bad I didn't manage to take the pictrures of those food that I prepared, but that's not the highlight of the party. I think the highlight of the party was the cupcake decoration activity.

I baked the cranberries cupcakes, and prepared some colorful butter cream, fondant cutouts and sprinklers for the kids to experience cake decoration, and they can bring back their own creation :) I had a lot of help from all the mommies to make that session successful...

And the results...

I prepared boxes for the kids to bring home to share with their love ones. I think that was a lot of fun!

This year, the birthday song was sang very loudly and very warmly, and there was a lot of happy smiles we noticed. The birthday girl was definitely thrilled to have her friends around her.

The one thing she kept pestering was to present tea to us. I had wanted her to do that after the party but I think she wanted to show to everyone this special practise that her school had taught her. So we gave in and this was how she did it, in front of every guest...that was priceless!

Another priceless showoff - All these happy faces!

At night Pat asked Charlotte if she was happy and enjoyed the party, her response?

"Yes, and when is the next party?"  *mommy fainted*

A Big thank you to all for attending the party, and all the best wishes from friends and relatives!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Letter To Baby

Charlotte wrote a letter to baby last week, I can't believe that baby's 1st letter was from her sister...

I love mommy because I like mommy. I oso love you baby so I like you baby. I love baby when baby come out. I will take care, I will not fight with baby. Baby is my friend, I love you baby. This is for you baby.
I am Charlotte. I oso your friend.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

She's Such An Angel

I am very blessed to have Charlotte, she's such a sweet, understanding and sensitive girl even at this age. As I am marching in further at 2nd trimester, many of the early stage pregnancy sicknesses are gone but some new symptoms have surface too. When I was suffering from morning sickness, I tried to avoid letting Charlotte see or knows about it. I remembered once it hit me really badly and when I came out from the bathroom, Charlotte was crying and said "I don't want mommy to sick, I love you mommy!". It must be hard for her because I always seem strong to her and she probably felt insecure when I fall sick. It took her awhile to overcome and understand that I was ok after all.

Lately, I have been suffering from backache and I woke up with severe but sudden muscle ache on my left arm the night before. The pain was unbearable, but there was nothing I could do as Pat was not around and it was already midnight and I couldn't get help anywhere. I waited until morning came, get Charlotte ready, dropped her off to school, went to office for an important meeting and by the time I get myself out to hospital was almost 10.30am. I put on the cream subscribed by my Gyne all day when I was in office but it did not relief me much. I couldn't bother much at work because of my workload but when I got home, I felt like my arm was falling off my body. It was almost 9.30pm when I finally decided to visit to a nearby pharmacy and ask for help. I knew this pharmacist and he was very helpful for my last few visits to the store. He recommended my a patch and also a hot water bag. I immediately the patch on when I got home and Charlotte was watching me. She was again breaking down in tears "I don't want you to sick mommy!" while lightly pat on my arm. No matter how I assured her that I will be fine and the pain will all go away soon I couldn't stop her from crying so sadly. She was still sobbing when we went to bed. She did her bedtime prayer and this was what she said:

Jesus, I love my mommy and daddy, so please ask my baby to be good and don't make my mommy sick. Because she is so pain and I don't want my mommy to (feel) pain because I love her. Please ask my daddy to come home tomorrow so (that) he can help my mommy and my mommy not pain anymore. Jesus hear my prayer, Amen.

I was so touched hearing this. This is how sincere a kid can be, and I am glad that she knows to turn to God and ask for help. That night I hugged her to sleep and deep down I also pray to God to relieve my pain and let me have a good night sleep as I have a heavy responsibility at work and at home. I had a hot water bag on and I slept like baby in no time.

I am all recovered in the morning! Hallelujah!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Charlotte likes to snuggle up with me whenever possible. It is very funny that even we are sitting on a 3 seater couch, two of us usually only occupied 1 seat. I felt suffocated when I needed a space of my own, especially when I had a long day at work, or not feeling too well. But most of the time we both enjoy the cuddling and being close to each other.

One night she was sleeping very close to me and held my hand. She asked: "mommy why you always smell so good?". I thought it was a very funny question, so I gave a simple answer: "because I just had a shower" and brushed it off.

This morning she came to me and put a little handkerchief of her on my face before we left home. I didn't know what she was doing but I let her. Later I overheard the conversation of her and my mother: "外婆, you smell" and hand out the handkerchief, and she continued: "妈妈的味道, 很香! 我要带去学校"

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Little Kids, Big Heart

Last year Charlotte's school organized a "charity restaurant" which the children cooked and served lunch for parents and friends. They did the same thing this year and the theme was to love the earth, "大手小手爱地球" and the money collected will be donated as the Pakistan flood aid.

This event lasted for 3 days, each day for the respective grade (4yrs old, 5yrs old and 6 yrs old) to have a chance to be a waiter/waitress to serve while be in the kitchen as little chef for the other 2 days. Last year didn't know what to expect I attended the event myself. I felt it was very meaningful after the event and hence I invited both side of Charlotte's grandparents this year to join me, except daddy as daddy is away in Europe.

Before the arrival of guests, the kids line up in front of the porch awaiting for their love ones. They were all very excited and very well prepared (they had a week of intensive training).

The event started with an introduction by a 6 years old, sharing the Pakistan flood tragedy and how much pollution human being had created to the earth. It was a very simple narrative but yet very real and touching. I had a hard time controlling my tears from dropping down. Maybe preggers are more emotional anyway...

It was then followed by a song presentation.

We were then being seated at the "restaurant" and the kids started their role and showed us what they have learn from the past week.

First, it was a cold towel presentation.

Then it was order taking and making recommendation. (Charlotte did a good job in recommending, in fact, we didn't have enough and went back for the 2nd round the next day!)

Preparing the table...

Start serving... 

I went back the next day noon knowing that it will be Charlotte's turn to be in the kitchen as chef and took some pictures. I am really impressed once again by the commitment, passion, patience, love and care of the Tzu Chi organization and all the teachers and helpers at the school to train and manage the little one in the kitchen. I know I don't have the patience when Charlotte asked to help out in my kitchen. To me, she will only make the matter worse, make my kitchen dirtier, take longer time to complete what I want to complete and etc. I really respect the dedications that all the school personnel and volunteers had shown.

The school prepared smaller and lower desks and individual stove for the little chef to cook. The "restaurant" has Western, Chinese and Japanese menus, hence their workstations were divided into the respective theme and the little chef were positioned at their respective station and get busy!

The kids were well taught, aside from having fun they too fully understand the message that they want to send through this event. We were told to do 5 simple things in life to help save the earth:
1. 省电 (don't waste electricity)
2, 省水 (don't waste water)
3. 吃素 (be a vegetarian, don't slaughter)
4. 少用交通工具 (cut down usage on transportation, walk if possible)
5. 多用环保餐具 (use recyclable container)
Although this school is not as acedemically advance compared to most of the kindergarten in town, we appreciate that our children are properly taught with the right value in life. We believe this will bring them a long way.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Daddy's Girl

What can be better than spending a nice sunny morning in a pool, goofing around?

I see obvious resemblance in this picture

Pat likes to carry her the baby way, not just in the water you know?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Then & Now

This is picture was taken when Charlotte was 7 months old. She loved running her fingers on the keys when we put her in front of a piano. She had never bang her palms on the key like most kids do even at that young age. I don't know how she got the idea of using her fingers since then. After 5 years...

she is almost finishing book 1.

I started my piano lesson at age of 13, and it was never a challenge coordinating left and right hand when you are that "old". Charlotte is now starting to play with both hands and coordinating different finger on different hand at different note could be a challenge. I see her determination, I see her concentration in getting it right and I am very pleased. I taught her a song last night and she asked to be left practising while I attend my evening meeting. And I did get a very pleasing result after 1 hour! A very good girl isn't she?  

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Just Beautiful!

A couple weeks back we received the key to our studio suites and we finally made our visit there last weekend. Our unit is at the top floor, although not sea view but the views from all angles were spectacular! Because we have the corner unit, the living room window has the view all way to Gurney Drive, and the balcony is over looking the tennis court and swimming pool.

The workmanship and finishing are the best of all houses we bought so far. Kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom are all done up, lighting and air conditioning are installed, all one needs is a bed, a sofa set, a satellite dish and a TV to move in.

Charlotte had the biggest fun enjoying a swim of the brand new infinity pool on the roof top and the environment was very green and peaceful.

We also made way to the beach front to check out the view and scenery.

The spectacular view, pleasing workmanship, beautiful environment and architectures made us feel like getting another unit. But I believe that good thing doesn't come twice, let's eyeing for some place else...meanwhile, we can still bring Charlotte for a swim until we hand over the key to the new owner *wink*

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's Up Weekend?

Just like everybody else, I look forward to every weekend. Not that I always have special arrangements but I just love the slower pace, sleep in a little bit and most importantly spending family quality time. I have been missing most of these for at least 5-6 weeks now, working through weekends. I started to feel exhausted, stressed out and to a certain extend feeling lost. But, good thing that we had something came up last weekend and I decided to pull myself away and step back from work for a few days.

It all started on Friday morning, it was Charlotte's school's Sport's Day. Initially we didn't sign up because parents are required to present as the games need to be participated together with the child. Both Pat and I decided that we should take part so that Charlotte wouldn't miss out either. It was just a half a day event anyway.

The event started with a very grand opening, with "Negaraku", "Pulau Pinang" and lastly the school anthem of course. Games started shortly after the warm up and cheer practise.

It was quite a warm day and the sun was bright. Some kids started to get tired, some asked to be carried, as for Charlotte? She had a strong shoulder to rely on...

and the orange team was the winner!!! (Quick update, short summary because I have a lot to write...)

That concludes what we did on first half of Friday. We had to quickly head home and rest because we had plan for second half of the day...

Yes, the Pisces Cruise! This started from a show & tell that daddy started when we passed by Port Swettenham one evening and the Cruise was there. Charlotte immediately demanded to go aboard without knowing that we had to purchase a ticket. Daddy promised that he would take her to the ship one day.

Since we already took Friday first half off from work, we thought let's hit two birds with one stone. Charlotte was very excited and she expected a lot from the Cruise. But it was really just a one night cruise to nowhere, mostly for gambling on board. Anyway, it was just an experience since daddy had promised the little girl.

True enough, there wasn't many places to wonder for long. Very soon we ran out of idea of what to do, plus we were with Pat's parents and a child, gambling was the only game that would last for hours and only Pat was interested in it. We spent some time at sunset launch, which there was a stage game going on. We were daring Charlotte to participate in the game and she said no, which was very predictable. What we didn't know was, secretly she was preparing herself for it. She observed the first round of the game and probably thought she was able to handle it and she requested to go up to the stage and participate! We were all very doubtful of it but Pat accompanied her anyway. It was a simple game, but required quick response. Charlotte was the youngest participant among all, and obviously everybody was paying attention to her. Every time she answered, the floor cheered for her, and she answered correctly, didn't disappoint her supporters. She actually out beat some adults and won the game!!

I have to say that was the only highlight for the cruise experience. Charlotte enjoyed the game, and the TV in the room the most (LOL).

I wanted to take some sun rise pictures but when I gotten the permission from Charlotte to get out to the deck the next morning it was already too late :(

The ship docked the next morning. It was difficult to make the little girl understand that the cruise experience had ended. To her, it was ended as soon as she woke up from her sleep! I'm sorry dear, we'll see if we can make another cruise experience next time, a better and longer one :)

Our weekend marathon continued. Charlotte was invited to 2 birthday parties. One was on Saturday night, she cousin Kim turned 15 and another one was on Sunday morning, her friend Ching Ern turned 4!

Ching Ern's mommy is one of those that I think has the best planning skill. She planned her son Sean's birthday back in Feb this year was a total thrilled and set high expectations of how-to-have-a-great-toddler-birthday-party standard. Those who got invited could not expect but only to be surprised!

It was a "Princess Party" theme and it was a fail proof theme for the girls (actually only girls were invited, sorry to the princes and kings). We went to the party with A present but came home with a BAG of goodies!

Host first made a "Royal Briefing" and then the Princess Party was officially started! 

And the girls were magically transformed to princesses!

I tell ya, the "satisfaction" on their face and the wowing were non stop as Wooi Sin pulled out her plan one after another. They had princesses dress up, find the Cinderella's lost slipper, the royal treasure hunt, princesses bubble popping and etc...You'll be so envy if you don't have a daughter (sorry, no offence) 

The girls had so much fun that they thought it was their respective birthday. They sang the birthday song together, cut the birthday cake together and open the presents together (well most of them opened up the present for Ching Ern)!

This was up till Sunday noon. What we did on the second half? Actually I was already in the wind down mood, thinking of the beginning of a working week come next day. However, Pat on the other hand had slept for almost all day after the world cup final. He was all charged and ready to go and he excited Charlotte by telling her about going to park!

Nothing extraordinary to blog about but both Charlotte and myself were having fun exploring the jumping fun and I was surprised to see how high she could jump these days!

We did all of these in one weekend, unbelieveable isn't it? Not all were planned but it all turned out well. We had so much fun together.