Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Love Veggie!

Well, this was what Charlotte told us lately when dinning with us in the evening. Does that means she really loves veggie? Not quite.

I think getting our little ones to eat veggie is one of those big challenges most mothers get, and so do I. Charlotte takes veggie but only selectively and most of it are "bean" types. She takes long beans, ladies fingers, snow peas and she also loves beans like edamame but when it comes to green veggie, especially the "leaves" type veggie she will pick out even the smallest piece that we hide in the rice. I gave up trying to force veggie down on her but instead make her take more fruits as her source of fiber.

Her willingness to take veggie improved since she started school (her school only serves vegetarian food) and I am very pleased to hear she says "I love veggie!", "Mommy, I want veggie" at the dinning table. She doesn't really meant what she said all the time, she may just took one bite and said "Enough already, I eat already" but at least she is willing to try now then totally reject it.

She is now willing to take broccoli, cauliflower, choy sum, and even spinach! We had spinach last night and as usual I don't scoop veggie for her assuming she already had that in school but she asked for it after awhile. So I happily gave it to her and I was mentally prepared that that could be the first and the last bite of the spinach. I was wrong! She said "Mmm, it's delicious!" and she ate quite a big portion of spinach for dinner!

I don't know what is the right word for it but I am just very pleased and relieved that I have found a right school for her. I am very thankful to all the teachers and helpers in the school that in many aspects they take care of our children like their own.


  1. My daugther loves veggie too! I'm surprised as well since children don't really like them!

  2. which school did you placed little charlotte in dear?

  3. That's good!
    So no more bento headache now lor? :P

  4. WOW, finally... that's wonderful news to hear. My daughter started to reject veggie now, preferring meat. She doesn't outright reject it, but just prefer not to, I have to be watchful on that. Sigh...

    Charlotte, When you're old enough to read, you'll see how much your Mummy has gone thru to prepare food for you and her happiness in seeing you making progress.