Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Holidays! (Part II)

It was Friday, that means it was still a working day for daddy. We had breakfast together with daddy at the hotel before he left for work and I already had plan for the 2nd day *evil grin*

Daddy let me had his car and the GPS, that means I will be able to get around anywhere!!! Then again, I am a paranoid person, more so when Charlotte is with me. So we didn't get too far, I took Charlotte to 1-U. Shopped around, had lunch and went back to hotel for a nap.

I was planning to go over to IKEA that afternoon but Charlotte woke up from nap asking for Skechers Mirages that we saw at 1-U earlier. I have to admit that it is a very nice pair of casual mary jane, plus the light flashing outsole. I didn't buy it earlier because I thought Charlotte has just too many pairs of shoes already. But after considering the fact that it was on 50% SALE, so soon after a light snack Charlotte and I went back to 1-U for it *guilty*.

Daddy called when we were about to leave 1-U *oops, caught in the act* and I was crossing my fingers not to get scolded for buying another pair of shoes for Charlotte. Luckily he too agreed that it is a very nice pair of shoes to add to the pool.

We had dinner at the Bavarian Bierhaus for daddy's favorite pork knuckles and linguine pasta for Charlotte. I like the restaurant very much, and no question on the food quality by just looking at how much Charlotte ate.

We strolled around for a short while and headed back to the room. Charlotte was asking "mommy, what is after dinner?", I told her that we'll call it a night. She kept asking the same question for the next day, and I'll tell you why in my next post.

Day 3 was a family reunion day. We first went to KLCC for another shopping spree and had lunch there before we prepared ourselves for a family reunion in Seremban. We drove down to Seremban after Charlotte's nap to visit Pat's eldest sister. There were a total of 11 of us coming from different directions and met in Seremban. A very nice meet-up but nothing much to blog about, it was all the talking and eating. By the time we went back to hotel was already past 11.00pm. We had to make sure that Charlotte had enough rest for the next day, a special agenda for her.


  1. Yeap... the shoe is nice! hehe..more shoes to the collection!

  2. not sure if you eat the famous Beef Koay Teow in Seremban..if not, next time you should try it!