Sunday, October 25, 2009

Good Friends, Great Time!

It's been quite awhile since we last took Charlotte to the park during weekend and Pat announced the idea last Saturday morning that if Charlotte is behaving he will bring her to the park in the evening. I was quite worried with the plan as the weather these days is very unpredictable and we will have a hard time telling Charlotte that the plan is canceled if it rains. Thank goodness that it was a very nice evening last Saturday and Charlotte had a long long nap in the afternoon so she woke up refreshed and cheerful. We set 1 ground rule with Charlotte before we headed off, that was to have her agree to end session happily when it is time to go.

She had a great time cycling and playing her scooter at the park. I noticed that she was able to pull the bicycle break this time! We were trying to take pictures of her but this cheeky person kept on making funny faces. This was the best I got...

As she promised, she happily and willingly end the session when it was time for dinner. We were so proud of her!

As we were at dinner, I received a test message from Ann inviting Charlotte to the park Sunday evening. I thought we should skip the session since we were just there then Ann offered to bring the girls if that's ok for us. Pat was more than happy to have a little time off for us (selfish thinking, I know) and we agreed to the plan (Thanks Ann!).

The girls (plus Aiden, Chloe's lil brother) left for the park around 5pm the next day and Pat and I went quickly to run errands and had a quick snack (Laksa & Rojak, Yum!!). We went pick up around 7pm and the girls were all happy, laughing and chat chatting away, sweaty though! We, 2 families made dinner plan and the children continue their night at PSC. Chloe decided to go with our car and the 2 girls had Hello Kitty pancakes that I prepared (I always have food to back up because of Charlotte). They were making funny faces, sharing funny stories and chit chatting while munching the pancakes. It was definitely a very lively journey and they made us a few good laughs too.

It was late when we finally called it a night. The children had a good bonding time, the adults had a greater time catching up. It was a very good gathering, casual but good!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

How Much I Love You!

This much!

Lately, Charlotte tells me "mommy I love you!" or "mommy I miss you" very often and mostly out of the blue. It is very sweet to hear this, especially when my at day work was tough and tiring.

Thanks sweetie and I love you very much too!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


No, not Charlotte's.

We were down in KL last weekend for 2 birthday celebrations. Charlotte has been promoted to 姐姐 as Pat's elder brother welcomed their baby boy 2 weeks ago. So, she decided to get her 弟弟 a present and was holding on to the present so dearly until she passed it to her Auntie Angie. When we visited the new born, everyone was talking turn to carry the baby boy and Charlotte too wanted to do that. I had a tough time telling her that she is not allowed to because the baby is very fragile and she didn't know the proper way to carry the baby. But she cried and protested and in the end Aunit Angie was very kind to let her try. I was very worried and very careful with Charlotte when she was holding the baby, but she did well!

Then we celebrated FIL's birthday. It was his 86 if I'm not mistaken and as usual, big meals, birthday cake, birthday song, kids had fun...

If you remember the family photo we took last Christmas, this was only half the Chan family members...

Happy Birthday Yeh Yeh!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Party Time!

Have you ever been invited to more than 1 party in a night? Well, I haven't but my girl did! She was invited to 3 parties last Saturday to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival!

I was first invited by Ann and I agreed to her since our daughters have been getting along very well and they love each other's company. Then on Friday night, Pat told me that Charlotte's PD called up and invited Charlotte for the celebration on the same evening. We actually forgot about it as Dr Sim did put Charlotte's name in the "to be invited" list when she visited him a few weeks back. That's not all, Pat's sister also called and they were having another family gathering as well!

We definitely try to make it to all 3 parties and we did! Do you know how? We first went to Chloe's house. Charlotte and Chloe had an early start that evening and I tell ya, Ann's laksa was so yummy delicious! Pat took 2 rounds (side note to Ann - this is a very high score to beat)!!! We were all too busy eating and I forgot to take any picture. The girls were having delicious macaroni and also baby donuts :)

Then Chloe and Charlotte decided to present some songs as entertainment while we were having our dinner and the girls sang several songs that they learn in school, not forgetting Chloe's little brother, Aiden. He was so cute and sociable, he kept calling "Charlotte!" and tried to join in the singing part...

(Song presentation - London Bridge Is Falling Down)

Since we gotta leave early and I felt really bad that Chloe was going to be disappointed without having able to carry lantern with Charlotte when the sky turn dark. I then try to test her and invited her to join us to Dr. Sim's party and she gladly agreed to follow us! So Ann got her changed and off we left to the 2nd party. The 2 girls were chatting none stop in the car and both Pat and I had gotten a few good laughs from their conversation too.

I couldn't believe what I saw when we arrived at Dr Sim's place. The place was so packed and we see adults, children, babies, lanterns and food everywhere! The girls got their lantern lite and happily wishing everybody "Happy Lantern Festival"!

There was a play area upstairs and half the crowd was there and another were in the clinic reception area, front porch, side garden...the organizer in the end decided to gather everyone at the play area upstairs (it was drizzling outside actually) and we had a big group photo session and a story telling (more for adults I would say).

(Dr Sim - the gentleman in red beside me)

(that's how big the crowd was!)

Then the group was hesitated whether to proceed with lantern procession since it was drizzling. The kids were all looking forward, with their lantern lite and we did go on with the procession in the rain!

That's how we looked in the rain, with umbrellas and lanterns. (Sorry for the picture quality, my hands were so full with umbrella, candles, handbags....)

We walked for a short while then decided to call it a night, especially exposing the kids in the rain. So we sent Chloe home but we continue with the 3rd party at Charlott's kookoo's house.

Charlotte definitely had a lot of fun that night and we were only home after 11pm, way passed Charlotte's bedtime!
Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all!