Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Holidays! (Part III)

Well, it was a spontaneous trip as we were not planning for it before hand. But this last event of the trip was planned after we got to know that we will be going to KL.

Yup, it's the Disney On Ice event! The timing was just right and how can I give it a missed? We told Charlotte that we will be taking her to Disney On Ice this trip and bought our tickets at the Tower Record, Gurney before we left. All she knows about, cares about this trip was the Disney On Ice but it didn't happen until the very last day of our stay. Now you know why she was asking of "what's next?" everyday before.

It was our first experience to Disney On Ice, definitely it was Charlotte's first too. It was so crowded when we arrived at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil. So crowded that they didn't even bother to check for tickets but only seating. I could have bought only 2 tickets instead of 3.

It was only a 90min show, with a 15min break in between. Personally, it was rather short and brief but I guess they don't expect kids to stay on the seat for longer than that. The theme was "Princess Wishes" and it was presented by all the Disney 6 popular princesses that Charlotte could probably remember the stories by heart. She definitely enjoyed the show very much, only a little disappointed when she didn't see something that she was expecting. During the Aladdin presentation, there was no magic carpet on sight when the song "A Whole New World" was presented and she asked me "why no magic carpet one?". Then came Beauty & The Beast, the song presented was "Be Our Guest" instead of "Beauty & The Beast". It didn't occur to her until the grand finale when Bell was dressed in the signature yellow color ballroom dress and she asked "where is the beast?", "why no beauty & the beast song one?". She also asked where are the mice when it was Cinderella's story. Overall, I think the show was just ok, not as great as I expected. I probably will not pay for another show again.

We grabbed a quick lunch on our way back to the hotel and tucked Charlotte in for her usual afternoon nap before we leave for our flight in the evening. Overall, this was a very flexible trip for us and Charlotte was behaving like a big girl, very understanding and cooperative throughout the entire trip.


  1. Oh not very good review of the Disney on Ice from you. But, do u recommend to watch it anyway?

  2. Hi Pet - personally, I think it is a good experience if you have not been to one. But you probably don't need to pay for expensive seating ;)

  3. Hi,
    Have you been to the ones in Penang? I was planning to bring my daugther the last time but many said she's too small to appreciated it at that time.

    Charlotte is so clever, she remembered the flying carpet, the mouse and the beast. She must have kept asking you those questions, must learn from you on the answers when the story doesn't go as per the book.

  4. Cheah Wei - No, I have not been to the one held in Penang. Just like you, I thought Charlotte was too young to appreciate the event back then.

    As for the answer, Charlotte is able to handle the truth very well. So I just told her the truth that what she saw on a movie wasn't something real and she understands it.