Friday, October 3, 2008

First Visit To The Dentist

Charlotte's been complaining about pain in her mouth (or toothache) and I do noticed a decay looks alike black spot on one of the molars. We've been trying to hoax Charlotte about visiting to the dentist since a few months back but her response wasn't very positive. So, I tried my best to keep up with the everyday brushing as much as possible.

Yesterday, she complained again and I told her it's time to visit to the dentist. Surprisingly, this time she even asked me to call and make appointment. We went to the one recommended by Wei Xuan's mommy, I read the post about the "children friendly dentist" and Wei Xuan's dental visits were very successful so far. So I called up for appointment and we went this morning, right after her school.

I could see that she was all well prepared. She was not scared, nor even concerned when I told her she has to lye down on the chair and keep her mouth open and let the dentist do the checking just like when I do the usual brushing and flossing with her. We were lucky that we didn't have to wait, when we arrived 1 patient just left and the next one has yet to come. I filled up the particulars for Charlotte and we were called!

The dentist is a very kind and gentle lady. Her clinic is very clean and tidy. She even has a flat screen monitor that plays Tom & Jerry when Charlotte was at the examination chair. The cartoon didn't really keep Charlotte's attention but I am glad that Charlotte was all good throughout the entire process.

The dentist first checked and she said she saw a decay on the back molar and a sign of initial decay starting on her front teeth. We agreed to get her molar fixed first since she was cooperating very well. The process took about 10-15min. I had my camera in my bag, I was so tempting to take it out and snap a few pictures/video clips. Then again, Pat stopped me as he thought it was not a good idea since Charlotte was already cooperating and didn't want to introduce a new factor that could probably make her leave the chair. We will be visiting there again next week to get her front teeth fixed.

I tell you, I can't express enough how proud I am for Charlotte. She was so cooperative and brave. We did not have any difficulty at all! This is my girl, she may seemed soft and a spoilt girl on the outside but deep down she has strong determination. She did very well once she has her mind set. We have seen in many previous examples. This also reminds me that we need to have a good guidance and education for her making sure that she applies her strength in the good & correct way.


  1. Aiyoh... so young have to go dentist... luckily Charlotte is cooperative but I can imagine my Darrius will scream his lungs out and cry buckets! LOL

  2. hassle. Will my daughter be like her? I too want to try...

  3. I would really love to take my little one to disneyland hk too but he is only 1.5 yrs old now. Do you think the environment there is a bit too stimulating for such a young kid? I am scared he will have nightmares when he sleeps at night!

  4. Alex 1st appointment for dental check-up this Monday. Will write the experience in her blog!