Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This Day Is Finally Here!

I had a 3-week full time off from work a month ago because Brenda (our maid) was leaving for her home leave. Charlotte had me 24x7 those days and we even went for a short holiday in Hong Kong. I was very worried if getting Charlotte back to school would be tough as we broke the routine, more so when I need to go back to work.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since Brenda came back and I’m glad to say that Charlotte has grown up so much that making her understands that she goes to school, mommy and daddy go to work is something we have to do everyday wasn’t as challenging as what I anticipated. In fact, she goes to school everyday with a happy heart now and this week she even tried to have lunch at school for the first time.

This morning she imitated her daddy, bringing her shoes out and sitting at the porch to wear it as she gets ready for school. I felt it was a rather warm scene to take a picture where both daughter and daddy are doing the same thing, at the same time.

Charlotte is also finally graduated from front seat to back seat. This was rather an unplanned milestone as we would never thought we could drive her by having her sitting at the backseat alone. It started during Brenda’s home vacation. We had a temporary maid, Virginia. Charlotte only allowed Virginia to accompany her on certain things, for example playing with her with the toys, puzzles, when she did coloring and writing. Other than that, she wanted mommy to do the feeding, bathing, changing, toilet-ing, teeth brushing, and everything else. Even when we were traveling in the car, she didn’t want to sit next to Virginia. So I took the opportunity to put back car seat back and made her sit with the seatbelt buckled. More than we know, she accepted the fact that sitting on the car seat is a better choice than having to have someone to hold on to you.

I then requested Pat to also get a car seat for his car so that Charlotte will not choose which car she wants to go with (because it doesn’t have a car seat there). So we went to shop for one 2 weeks ago and we decided to get a booster seat with flat bottom instead because daddy was worried that it will scratches or leaves marks on the leather seat of his car. We found just what we were looking for and because it is just a booster seat it is so much more portable than the Fisher-Price car seat that we had. Charlotte also is able to use the car seatbelt as the booster seat comes with a seatbelt clip that allows the seatbelt to be placed on her properly.

Now that she is in proper seatbelt, she makes sure everybody in the car must buckle their seatbelts too. Well, good to get ready for the rear-seatbelt rule implementation next year :)


  1. Charlotte is such a clever girl, you have nothing to worry about. As for the car seat "hurting" the precious leather seat, we also had the same fear, so we bought the "neat seat", which is a protector for the leather car seat.

  2. Having our children in the car seat is a good idea - safety comes first!

    Btw, your wording is kinda small font.