Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dream Came True!

Finally, we made it to Disneyland! We were planning for LA but since Charlotte was sick quite often after she started school, we decided to just go somewhere nearer. So we settled with Disneyland Hong Kong instead.

It was a fun filled vacation, tiring and exhausting but satisfying! I started to prep Charlotte that she has to be on the stroller when we go there weeks before because neither Pat nor I are able to carry her all around in Hong Kong. She did what as told and I guess after this trip she would probably find stroller is her best friend when she is tired on the road. She even fell asleep on the stroller (which I never thought this would happen).

We stayed at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel for all 3 nights and the hotel offered a special Disneyland Park ticket for hotel guesses which we paid for 1 day price for 2 days visit. Furthermore, Charlotte's entrance was free!

It only took a short while to warm up Charlotte with all the Disney characters. When we had breakfast at the hotel on first morning, they had some Disney characters at the restaurant to greet the kids. At first she was a little uncomfortable when she saw Pluto but then when she saw Mickey she was all opened up. She gave Mickey a big hug!!!

We made to the park at 10am on the first day. Started with rides, games, meet the characters, and parades. We even took some of the rides 2x because it wasn't too crowded in the morning. She was really lighten up when the 3.30pm parade started. I guess she just didn't know what to expect. We were reserving our "seats" on the first row, right on the line where they marked the border between the parade route and visitors. When the parade started, she was so excited and kept shouting and calling for her friends "Hello Mickey!!", "Hello, Donald!!", "Mommy, mommy, Princess Ariel!!!", "Mommy, mommy, Woody!!"...Also, because we were sitting on the front row the dancers and performers kept approaching her and shook hand with her. She felt so welcomed! The evening parade was on Halloween theme, and that gave Charlotte a little scare especially with those make-ups and costumes. We called it a day at 9pm! We skipped the fireworks on the 1st day because Charlotte was really tired.

We returned to the park again the next day and continued with shows and rides that we didn't make it yesterday. Charlotte loved the theater show, we had Mickey, The Lion King, and also a 3D theater which Charlotte wasn't really enjoyed it. We left the park around noon and made our way to the Hong Kong city for shopping and food. We made it back to Disneyland Park again in the evening to catch the fireworks. It was spectacular although the LA Park has a better fireworks showcase.

Before the trip I had many worries spinning in my head, like what if Charlotte needs to nap in the afternoon, do we need to make a trip back to hotel then? What if Charlotte has constipation? What if Charlotte didn't want to sit on the stroller? What if she didn't want to eat any of the food available there? Thank God that He heard and answered my prayer, those were all been taken care off. Charlotte nap really well, including on the flights, at the park (on the stroller), in the MTR...she also had bowel movement twice during the 4 days stay, and she ate food served and available at the hotel, park, city and some back ups that I brought along.

Some goodies we bought this trip, mostly are for Charlotte.

Charlotte loves to draw and write so I can't help to get her a couple of her favorite character pens and a set of character crayon.

Then there was this very pretty neckband which light up when the button is pushed. It also changes color and it is especially pretty at night or at dark places. Charlotte wore it when she watched the evening parade.

Princess drinking cup with straw, something Charlotte always fascinated with and Mini Mouse cap which she wore throughout this entire trip. I also found a very nice photo album which is just perfect to keep all pictures taken this trip.

Didn't have much time to shop for bento stuff when we were at the city, I only managed to get these

but I got a birthday surprise from my Santa Honey! You know what? Thing comes best when you are least expecting it :)


  1. Yay! Glad to hear that the trip turned out well for everyone.

  2. That was so nice!
    We brought Darrius to LA when he was just 11 months and when I asked him now he can hardly remember a thing.

    But it was good as he can't walk so he was on the stroller all the time! LOL

    Glad that Charlotte found a new friend in the stroller! It will be so much easier next time when you go shopping alone with her!

  3. I will need to get more tips from you. Can't wait to go too. I think i am just excited for the kids. lol.

  4. Wow...so exciting. I believe my daughter will enjoy Disneyland. She loves watching mickey mouse on DVD. My son, kinda young...to remember.