Monday, October 20, 2008

Splishy Splashy!

It has been a wet wet weather and we have put our Equinox membership card in the bag for the longest time. We usually will take Charlotte for a swim during weekends but the past couple of months was either very occupied or it was raining cats and dogs.

Last Saturday Charlotte found her home pool in the room and was asking for a swim. I looked out the window and it was a bright and warm afternoon, and I agreed.

I can't help but agree how fast time flies. I used to worry that she would slipped and fell in the pool when she played in it last time. Look at her now, her size has out grown the pool and she can entertain herself now...

After awhile, Charlotte asked if Simba (our golden retriever) can come out and play. Of course I said no! I know my Simba, he is still very playful and I don't want to see Charlotte and Simba in the same pool! The cheeky daddy then tried to splash water at me since I was sitting so close to Charlotte, he thought that was funny but that lead to a water fight. We were all so wet after that water fight (but it was a lot of fun!) then Charlotte decided that it wasn't so fun just her alone in the pool...hahahaaaa!

Sorry dear, getting you a sibling is not the answer but we'll get a bigger pool for you ok? Then all of us can go inside the pool next time :)


  1. I recommend the square one from Tesco, it can fit in about 5 childrens at 1 time :)

  2. Wow..your husband goes in as well!!

  3. Oh dear..your hubby can fit in that pool too? LOL!