Thursday, October 23, 2008

Activity At Home

I'm glad to say that Charlotte isn't much of a TV addict. She was able to finish a whole movie (like Madagascar, The Happy Feet, Lion King, Finding Nemo and etc) at a very young age and I was worried when I heard some of my friends talking about kids being TV addict.

Lately, I even found out that Charlotte has been willingly turning off the TV when she doesn't feel like watching it or when it's time for bed (around 9.30pm). I have been filling her with activity like writing, coloring and fixing puzzles every night instead of TV programs.

I posted her coloring work on the wall and she is very proud to show people when someone is visiting. Her coloring skill has moved on from coloring 1 object 1 color to bigger object more colors, to multiple objects and multiple colors. She has completed several coloring books now and this is a new one I bought her this week, Mickey & Friends. See how careful and serious she is when doing her work...

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