Friday, October 17, 2008

Little Treat For The Little Ones

It’s Friday and I know Charlotte’s school usually has the praise & worship session on Fridays. That means the school schedule is a little bit more relax compared to the rest of the days (I assumed). I decided to make a little something for the kids.

I have a big packet of dried cranberries that my brother bought from the States recently. Eating it alone tastes great but since it’s a whole big packet, I thought I could use it for something else…

Here, cranberries cupcakes! I put slightly more cranberries than the recipe called for and bake in smaller cups too. Just nice and handy for the little ones I hope. There is a total of 15 cupcakes, keep 3 for ourselves and packed the rest for Charlotte to bring to school this morning (I know, the school has more than 12 children + time I'll bake more ok).

I packed some in the cute Hello Kitty bento box and the rest in a ordinary container. Charlotte hand carried the Hello Kitty bento box to school this morning and proudly announced to her teacher "Tis one I share with me fren one!". I gave the remaining in the ordinary contianer to her teacher and told her that I also packed something else for her in the mermaid bento box if she didn't like the cupcake...back-up ma!


  1. ooo...i hv some cranberries as well, same packing from States too. i will cook some cupcake as well. Taste good, huh? :-)

  2. Your cupcakes looks nice!