Tuesday, October 28, 2008

GrandPa's Birthday!

We celebrated FIL's 84th birthday last Saturday at one of the famous restaurants in Georgetown. This is one of those family events (like Christmas, Chinese New Year, Weddings) which everybody comes home, and that means a big crowd! OK for those who don't have any idea, I tell you MIL has 11 children! Out of 11, 1 left the family (I don't know why and I never ask) and the youngest one still single. The married ones has 1 to 3 children each family. So, just imagine how crowded that is when everybody comes home!

OK, what I wanted to say about the birthday is this video...

FIL broke his denture a few weeks ago and MIL was trying to get a new one fixed for him but unfortunately, couldn't make it in time for the party. You see FIL was trying very hard to hold back his smile :p

Charlotte was so happy and excited throughout, partly because she gets to play with all the cousins and she always be the center of focus. She probably also thought that party was for her! She even grabbed the opportunity to blow the candle before Kong Kong did!

Btw, if you didn't see that crowd I mentioned earlier in this video that's because everybody was standing behind the cameras. Charlotte, being the youngest in the family she gets to go up all the way to the front :)

The only event we missed out was movie time! All Charlotte's aunties, uncles, cousins and even MIL went for movies on Sunday afternoon. They split into 2 groups, one was catching the High School Musical 3 and the other one watching Mamma Mia! We thought Charlotte is too young for big screen cinema with the loud surrounds and also that was Charlotte's nap time so we decided to skip that part.

Overall, it was a great family reunion and the next one will be Christmas!

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  1. Speaking of movie, Yan loves the real movie type, not cartoon like Little Mermaid type. She loves the movie Enchanted, Mamma Mia type where there's music along with it. She'll watch like 2-3 times a day without getting bored and learn the songs along the way.