Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back On Routine

3 weeks passed by very fast and it was a real relieve to see Brenda (our maid) at the arrival hall last Sunday morning. Charlotte adores her very much and was instantly cling on to her. Brenda also brought back a very sweet handmade dress for Charlotte

Looking back, it was a rather smooth 3 weeks than what I anticipated. I had prepared myself for the worse, especially in feeding Charlotte (which needs a lot of patient and creativity) but it didn't take much difficulty in each meal, no sweat! I have to say that God must have heard my prayer and Charlotte had been a very good girl too. This temporary Full Time Stay At Home Mom experience wasn't that bad after all.

I am back to FTWM this week and everything else starting to get back to routine, back to those never ending emails, projects and on-going activities in the office but good thing is I get to spend precious lunch my friends and colleagues and have a little space/time of my own now.

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