Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Where Is Charlotte's "Chut Chut"?

I posted about Charlotte's sleeping habit last week and coincidentally, Brenda told me that Charlotte napped without her "chut chut" (pacifier) that afternoon. I thought wow, Charlotte is taking one step ahead!

At night, we went through all the night time routine as usual and I was keeping my fingers crossed at all time. We said a prayer together, we sang and sang, and sang...and then finally I said "It's time! Good night baby, close your eyes and sleep". She said "ok!" and rolled over. She didn't ask for my hand, she also didn't ask for pacifier. Yippee!!!

Night after night, it has been slightly over 1 week. I am confident to say that Charlotte is no longer needing pacifier. She did ask for it on and off, but we didn't give in and she is ok with it.

Charlotte's missing chut chut story - Version 1.
Charlotte: Mommy, where is my chut chut?
Me: Where is Charlotte's chut chut?
Charlotte: The bad snake take already
Me: Huh? Bad snake take already ah? Then how?
Charlotte: Ask baby einstein to help
Me: Oh! Have you asked?
Charlotte: Yes, not yet come.
Me: Ok, baby einstein will find it?
Charlotte: Yes

Version 2.
Charlotte: Where is my chut chut?
Me: Where?
Charlotte: Bad snake take already
Me: Then how? Naughty snake hor?
Charlotte: Yes, naughty. Ask good snake take my chut chut back
Me: Huh?
Charlotte: Good snake go fight fight fight (with action), then bad snake died (with action). Charlotte take my chut chut
Me: Oh! Where good snake?
Charlotte: In the jungle. Mommy I want to see!
Me: *oops*

We have no idea how she made up the story but this is how we usually brush it off when she ask for pacifier. Charlotte's request is so far pretty manageable. Hopefully she will forget about it soon.

Daddy on the other hand is very concern seeing Charlotte missing her pacifier. He told me this morning "Charlotte looks very sad after we removed her chut chut" because Charlotte woke up asking for her pacifier and version 2 was her story this morning. I asked daddy how? Do you want to give in? Of course, we both know the answer. We just holding our breath and staying firm, praying this phase will be over soon...


  1. Aiyo, she is so cute lah, her imagination is very good.

  2. Haha..every kid has to go through this process..Charlotte's version is the most creative one so far....=)

  3. good job! my son is stil with his pacifier,,sigh, cannot get rid of it. Its half torn edi and still he wants it.