Thursday, July 17, 2008

Interview (Part II)

Interview was scheduled at 10.30am but we arrived early because I wanted Charlotte to settle down and get used to the environment before the interview starts.

It was the school break time when we arrived, all children were out and Charlotte was quite excited to see so many "friends". She wondered around and checkout the classroom a little bit. We waited till the break time was over and after the form teacher settled down the kids in the classroom and she then came to attend to us. She introduced herself and shook hand with us. She then also shook hand with Charlotte and started to speak to her evry friendly. Then very quickly she held Charlotte's hand and turned to us said "it's ok, both of you wait for us at the office" and she turned away and took Charlotte to the class.

It happened so quickly, I wasn't have time to ask if we can come along or worry that Charlotte might broke into tears when she was taken away without us. When I realized it, Charlotte was already happily walking away with her form teacher. No struggle, no cry. Pat and I were both lost for a moment and then we decided to quickly get out of their sight and wait at the office.

We waited about 10-15min and then Charlotte came together with her form teacher. The first thing she asked us was "Is she toilet trained?". Of course she is, long long time ago! Then the teacher said she is ready and they are giving us a 1 week trial when the new semester starts. The trial was given because they are actually only open for children 3+, Charlotte is only 2+ when comes to Sept but she said Charlotte can follow instructions very well and so also accepting friends. So she should be able to adapt very quickly.

We don't know what happened in the classrom or what kind of assessment was gieven but we were very happy to hear the result. At the same time I need to start my homework to overcome the challenges when school starts:
1. School starts 7.20am, which means Charlotte needs to wake up latest by 6.30am *faint*
2. She needs to finish her milk before leaving for school because break time is only at 10.10am *double faint*
3. Making snacks for her to bring to school (bento!!!)

Good job Charlotte, and good luck to mommy :)

p/s: Charlotte is the only one got accepted among a total of 5 of 2+ age attended the interview this year.


  1. Hurray! Well done Charlotte! So proud of you.

  2. You must be extremely proud of her. Did you ask her what did the teacher ask her?

  3. Bravo Charlotte!!! Let's see if CHarlotte and Ern will go to school at the same time....