Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just Gotta Try It!

I have started to use some of those bento tools that I bought couple of weeks back, practising and testing out what could make my lil girl to be more interested in food.

I made cookies with those cute cookies mold, moulded hard boiled egg, shaped sandwiches , vege and fruits, sausages in fancy food picks and etc. . I found that she loves those moulded hard boiled eggs, and shaped sandwiches sometimes, and she loves those fancy food picks I bought and that was quite a good trick to make her finish the food if I use the different food picks. She didn't like cookies, she was excited when she saw the hello kitty, pooh and mickey mouse cookies but then she returned it back to me and said "I don't want" without give it a bite *sigh*. So instead of sharing, I gave all to Bryan the next day. I also found out that those vege cutters can be quite useful. Besides vege, I also use it on sandwiches, fruits and cookies. I didn't take any picture so far, too excited to offer it to my girl when ready.

Last night, I baked a simple butter cake with the Pooh cake mould. I made a total of 8 but only 50% yield. Why? The first tray (2 cakes), under bake. Well, not really under bake but because I used both top and bottom heat of the oven, I remove the cake from the oven when the top (which is the back of the Pooh face) was already golden brown. But when I flipped it over, the Pooh face is not brown enough and I could hardly see design. So when I baked the second tray, I switched from top/bottom heat to only bottom heat and left it in the oven for a little bit burnt! Then again, it wasn't really burnt but the color was way too dark then how a usual cake looks like. The third tray, I learnt my lessons and this time only bottom heat and not to bake for too long and the result?

Perfect of course!!! The 4th tray turned out as good too. I packed one for Charlotte this morning, will see if she gives it a bite.

Oh by the way, I figured that the Pooh cake moulds are silicone but not metal like the usual tray we use for baking. So the heat conduction is poorer than metal, that's why the bottom heat needs to stay longer than usual to make the "face" or design more remarkable.


  1. Oh, that's so cool :) what's the actual size ? i can imagine all sort of goodies you can 'create' with this mold !

  2. I got the bento's tool too but never got the chance to use it for baking...your pooh bear looks great...maybe your little one couldn't bear to eat the cute pooh...

  3. I love baking too. But haven't do it for so long. I miss baking.