Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Not Even Ice-Cream

I was telling a few close friends of mine the other day that how challenging it is to get Charlotte to eat. Just last weekend, we decided to eat out. We went to the nearby mall decided to head towards to Charlotte's favorite Japanese restaurant, Sakae Sushi. Not that Charlotte loves the food there, but she is always impressed with the "kaiten" (conveyor belt) and the flat screen monitor. It makes it easier for me to feed her when she gets distracted, you know what I mean?

So, there we were and actually dinner went pretty well. Charlotte had edamame (boiled green soy beans) as usual and one whole chawanmushi (steamed egg in a cup). I was quite happy with that achievement already I tell ya.

We then decided to offer her ice-cream since she's such a good girl. She happily said "yes, big big one!". I said OK, and we headed to Swensens which is just next door. As usual, we are only interested in ordering "earthquake". When it was served, Charlotte was of course amazed by the presentation and the dry ice effect. Each of us got a spoon to our own, so did Charlotte. Honestly, I am not worried about Charlotte getting too much sweet/junk stuff because I know she never goes overboard. True enough, she started her first move. Picking up the spoon and made the her first scoop.........................and that's it! She told me "I am very full already" and she put down the spoon and started to play with other things.



  1. What about eating in a group? I also having hard time feeding my daughter, but once she started nursery she has to start eating on her own, else she will go hungry.

  2. Wah..quite susah, huh? We just let Belle be..if she wanna eat, she will eat. For us, at least we know she won't be hungry 'cos she would ask for food if she is.

  3. Think she is born naturally a small eater. As long as she gain weight and active there is nothing to worry about.I can see from her eyes, she is a smart girl !