Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I started to give Charlotte a worksheet per day this week. I figured her development is progressing very well, she can write from 1-7 now, 8 is a bit tricky, sometimes she got it right, sometimes not. For alphabets, she also can write a few like A, B, C, D, E, F, H, I, O, and R. She gets bored if we keep asking her to repeat things that she already know. Which also means that I have not been spending enough time to coach and teacher, shame on me.

So I worked out something new this week. I know she is able to follow instruction pretty well so I give her 1 homework everyday, give her the instruction and I told her I will check when I come home in the evening. I printed out several simple coloring worksheets, some are pictures/characters of her favorite, some are for letter learning. I gave her a few simple instructions:

1. the color has to stay inside the line
2. write a correspondent alphabet of the picture when she finished coloring

Of course, I sat down with her and work through the first worksheet on Monday night. The second was what she did yesterday. See the A and B she wrote?

Let's see how far she goes with this activity :)

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