Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A New Chapter

"Why don't you leave her here for about an hour? I see she is quite open and willing to explore"
"I'm not sure if it is a good idea, I did not pre-alert her"
"It's ok, if anything we will call you"

That was my conversation with her school principle this Monday and it marked a new chapter in Charlotte's life. I was only planning to send in the registration card, I took Charlotte along just to introduce her to her new school, teachers and friends. Charlotte smiled and hugged me when I came to pick her about an hour later. The teacher said she was very good, a little quiet but overall she reacted rather well on that impromptu session.

Yes, school hunting has come to an end. Since sticking to a school which most of our family children been to makes everyone in the family feels more secured and assured we decided to stay and follow the trend.

Day 2:
I continue to send her as the principle suggested to continue the spirit and keeping the momentum. She woke up, changed, had milk and packed her breakfast that I prepared for her and off we went to school. No cry, no wail, maybe she didn't know what to expect as yet. I waited till she settled down a little bit before I left. I came back about 2 hours later. The first thing teacher told me was "she didn't want to go wee wee" but overall she was good. She participated in counting and coloring, which the teacher was a bit surprised by her coloring skills (homework helps I guess). I checked her breakfast box and found she almost finished the biscuit I prepared, but not the apple slices.

Day 3:
"Where my pretty dress?". Yes, this has been going on for about 2 weeks now, she wanted to wear dresses everyday. She said she is a princess *vain*. I took this opportunity and told her that I have already prepared her dress, she can change and get ready for school! Immediately her eyes opened up and gave me a big grin. Off we went to school together with daddy this time, and with her breakfast box (hello kitty sandwiches and yakult). Oh btw, for Yakult it is required to be chilled under 10 degree C, because I know Charlotte will consume it right after she got to her class (which is probably 5min away from my house) so I am not worried about killing the probiotic by leaving it outside of the refrigerator for too long.

I let her stayed through half a day, followed the school schedule. When I went to pick her up, teacher said she cried a little bit. The school had a photo session that morning, the teacher forgot to inform me (because we are still on trial period, I guess they didn't count us in). Charlotte probably didn't anticipate that and she did not want to be in the picture. Some other kids cried too, maybe that was why Charlotte cried too. Overall, she was still a very good girl in class.

I checked her breakfast box and only 5 out of 9 pcs of hello kitty bread left. I asked her if she ate the bread, her first response was "no, kakak eat". What??? I don't know how true was that, because Charlotte still doesn't quite tell the "true story" yet. So, I checked with the teacher and she said Charlotte ate 2pcs during the break time. Then where the other 2pcs went? I did not tell the teacher that I was told because I needed time to process the info.

I talked to my hubby and my friends, we think it is very possible that Charlotte told the truth. Actually, I am not concern that kakak or even other children share Charlotte's food because I always prepare extra and Charlotte is such a small eater. But in this case, I need to make sure the teacher is aware of what happened and more importantly how much Charlotte eats in school everyday. Not so much of to confront the kakak because I don't want Charlotte gets "extra" treatment later on, you know what I mean?

*to be continue...

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  1. O..she did very well for new beginner! why never post the hello kitty bread that you make for her? Loves seeing your creation.

    btw, what does kakak means? You mean someone else ate her bread?! That's a call for attention.