Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bento Fever!

I read so many interesting bento some of the mommies out there have been making for their toddlers but I wasn't sure if Charlotte would buy the idea of the "look" instead of the "taste". Feeding Charlotte is a great challenge. After talking to many of my friends, we conclude that Charlotte is not picky but she is just not interested in food and she is very conservative about new taste.

I have no plan to buy any bento tool until a recent encounter. One day we went to one of the bakeries at Queensbay Mall and Charlotte picked out a red bean bun, with a face drawing on it. She hardly take bread or bun, but she ate half the bun that day. Then Pat said food presentation might be something that attracts her, at least to give it a bite. So I decided to make my initial investment on bento tools. I made some purchases online, those were very expensive especially on the shipping and handling cost but I am very lucky that Shooi shared with me some of her recent purchase from Taiwan. Those items were easily half the price of what I saw online, furthermore she gets free shipping!

Here are my collection of bento tools so far. More to come, hehehe...

I have started to use some of it and I am very glad that Charlotte buys the idea! She loves hard boiled egg, and especially excited when I molded it with the Hello Kitty egg mold. She also takes the tiny sandwiches I made with the Kitty and Pooh vege cutters.

This was my first attempt using the Hello Kitty toast cutter. Still need more to practise...I guess nowadays, mommy will have to be more creative and all rounded capable then before. Happy bento-ing everyone :)

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  1. Ha! Interesting... maybe with this, my girl will eat her food. I guess most children this age don't like their food. ;-p