Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Recent Flight Exprience

Charlotte and I flew down to KL last Saturday because we needed to make a trip to the Philippines Embassy for Brenda's passport renewal. Pat on the other hand, drove Brenda and MIL down and they picked us up from the airport. Why did we take 2 different routes? That's because Charlotte has been asking us to bring her to another flight experience lately. Her 1st flight was when we went to Pulau Langkawi when she was 10 months old, and her 2nd flight was last Christmas which Charlotte and I flew down to KL and Pat drove there as well. I guess it was quite some time already and Charlotte misses the flight experience.

Before the journey, I was checking the flight ticket price of Air Asia vs. Firefly. One evening, we were discussing about the competitive ticket pricing and Charlotte over heard "Firefly". MIL thought we were getting Firefly ticket and told her that Charlotte will be flying with firefly. After that she kept telling me that she doesn't want aeroplane, she want firefly! I had a tough time correcting her and getting her to accept that Firefly is an aeroplane *sigh*. Finally, she accepted and acknowledged that she will be on an aeroplane and I had to stop everyone from mentioning "firefly" to her again. In fact, we were flying Air Asia lah...

This trip, Charlotte got her own seat (in fact she got her own seat last Christmas too) and she totally enjoyed the flight. I still remembered when I took her flying last Christmas, 5min after we boarded the plane she told me she didn't want aeroplane anymore. This round she was really excited and keep asking me has the plane took off yet. I had to explain to her almost everything that happened before take off, eg. door closing, stewardess demonstrating the safety procedures, taxing, and finally take off...She then told her daddy and grandma when we arrived in KL exactly how I told her. I am amazed by how a toddler learns and absorbs new knowledge.

After take off, I bring her the lunch box I prepared for her. There was a molded hard boiled egg and sausages in cute food picks (didn't manage to take any picture). She happily finished off the sausages and 3/4 of the egg. She also stood up to check out the cotton like white clouds outside the window and then she was happily reading her new Mickey Mouse Club House story book that I bought her. She behaved rather well throughout the journey.

We arrived at LCCT right on time but daddy was stuck in a traffic jam (norm for KL?). I almost fainted there at LCCT because of the huge crowd (it was my first Air Asia flight, never expected to see soooooo many people). Furthermore, it was way past Charlotte's nap time. So she was a little tired and didn't want to walk. It was a long walk from the aircraft to the terminal, I had to carry her, plus my hand bag and Charlotte's favorite blanket. Along the way, I showed Charlotte that the red aeroplane was the one we took and her replied was "I want purple color next time" *slaphead*

As I came to the terminal I went straight towards to Mc Donald's as I desperately needed a drink and needed to sit down to rest my arms but the Mc Donald's was like a refugee camp! With all 8 registers open, we had to queue for >15min (with a 12kg toddler in my arms). I was lucky that the Manager on duty willing to serve my food and find me a table. Yes, no empty table for just the 2 of us. Can you imagine that? We had to share with a Malay couple. When I finally sat down, my arms were like falling off my shoulders.

Five minutes later daddy called, thank goodness! I would seriously think twice if I ever flying to LCCT again.


  1. LCCT McD is always overcrowded coz that's the cheapest food there.

    Hehe..u should have made extra lunch box for yourself.

    Glad to know Charlotte buys the bento idea. Aren't u glad that u took the effort to come over to borrow some the night before :D

  2. Didn't know LCCT is that laku..hehe. I have never been to that airport before.