Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What Happens After The Interview?

We received all the congrats and so looking forward to start school for Charlotte in Sept. We went through enquiry stage and we know about the school schedules and expectations as it is not a playschool or kindy before the interview arrangement. The only thing we forgot was to get or inform the grandparents about our choice of school... As we were so eagle to inform the grandparents at that evening when we went to pick up Charlotte, we were congratulated (as well) but then some other stories followed...

First the objection was on the school schedule. It starts at 7.20am, "It's too early for a little girl like her!". It ends at 1.30pm, "Such a long hours, she won't be able to cope!". As it is not a nursery of daycare center, they will have recess time but eating will be on their own, "How she is going to eat? She will be hungry and not able to stand until 1.30pm!", "She is not ready!" and it goes on and on...

I think children are able to adapt quickly, and like what is mentioned in this post given a choice they will never be ready. I have mommy friends who already started school for their kid at the same age as Charlotte and I have heard a lot of stories from them. Given 7am or 9am, they will still have to go through that separation anxiety phase. We do have lucky parents, which their children never cries/struggles when starting school, those are minority. Some even after started school for some time, occasionally will still have to deal with the "fight" that they have to put up when the kid decided it's THE day.

So how? I'm tired, really. It was so hard to find a school which both me and my hubby are ok with but...Another round of school hunting loh! I think grandparents are more comfortable with schools they know, ordinary kindy, playschool, or daycare. We do have several around the area, I'll just have to decide which one meets everyone "expectation" (trying to avoid any conflict la).

But we are still going to send Charlotte to that school, maybe when she turns 4 next year.


  1. Objections/Advices are bound to happen when discussed with the older generation but in the end, you guys are the parents, do what is best that benefits both you and your child(ren).

    Remember, grandparents and relatives are the tentacles of a family only. My husband and I have long decided that whatever decision we make for our children is ours to make. After all they are our kids not our parents' kids. We do listen to their opinions but in the end it is up to us to finalize our decision. Most of the time we went against their ways 'cos it didn't benefit us (the parents). Look at it this way, if the kids have to wake up early in the morning, it is us (the parents) who have to prepare them for school. The grandparents will not be around to help. It is the consequences we are willing to take. But in this world of both working parents, sometimes we really have no choice. Like you said, kids adapt well.

    And, yes, there will be endless "see, i told you so..." nags from the older generation. We learned to suck up and just listen one ear in and one ear out. From our experience, Belle adapted so well in the daycare/preschool that after 2 years, the older folks began to see the benefit. Belle is such a social butterfly and they are so proud of her now. Now, we get to say, "see, didn't we tell you so..." :D

    Just my 2 cents. :)

  2. Vien - thanks so much for the advice and sharing. I totally agree with you that the final decision is ours to make. Sometimes, dealing with in-laws are slightly more challenging :p (headache)

  3. Usually older generation cannot accept the fact that we are sending our little one to school.

    But, i tell you, later, when they see the grandschildren's progress after going to school, they will feel proud and forget that they actually objected the decision of sending the little one to school.

    So, we as the parents, just do whatever we feel it's right for our kids! Ignore the rest, let them say what they want:)