Monday, June 30, 2008

How She Calls Us

After reading Vien's post about her new nickname, it reminds me that Charlotte is doing something similar too and me too want to write about it on Charlotte's growing diary...

Charlotte calls me mommy and she calls Pat daddy. A few months back, she started to call me "mom" sometimes and gives me a cheeky look every time she does that. Later I found out that because Brenda calls me ma'am (but sounds like "mom") so Charlotte also follows.

Sometimes she calls her daddy "father". She picked up the word "father" from a book that we bought for her but application wise she picked up from "Toy Story 2" (from the part when Zerg told Buzz Lightyear that he was his father). Recently, she calls her daddy "papa". Why? Because my nephews call their daddy "papa" and when Charlotte goes over to their house she picked up this from the conversation my nephews had with their daddy.

From "papa", she also change and calls me "mama" sometimes. It shows that Charlotte understands the meaning behind these words. So, it is depends on her mood for who she calls and which address she'll use. To us, it's just as nice as "mommy" and "daddy" and we have no worries.

I am now in the middle of teaching her to differentiate between her paternal grandparents and maternal grandparents because I realized that she has difficulty telling us which Ah Ma or which KongKong she is referring to. At the moment, when she tells us "this Ah Mah" she is referring to paternal grandparents maybe because she goes there everyday, and she feels closer to them. And when she wants to tells us about maternal grandparents she'll say "another Ah Mah" or "another KongKong".

I discussed with Pat as how we can help Charlotte differentiate between her paternal and maternal grandparents but the names need to be something very close to the current one, or at least something Charlotte understands the meaning already. So, we will start to introduce "grandpa" and "grandma" as paternal grandparents (since they speak English to her) and "KongKong" and "Ah Ma" as maternal grandparents.

Hope it works :)

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  1. My daughter sometimes call me 'Ma-am' too. Follow her kakak.