Thursday, July 17, 2008

Interview (Part I)

Charlotte is scheduled to attend an interview this morning. Not interview for job, but to start school. The school that we are interested in offers preparation school start at 3 years old. Because Charlotte only turning 3 this Nov, the teacher is concerned if she is ready. So, we were requested to bring Charlotte for this interview.

We had been preparing her for this interview so that she knows what to expect. We don't really know what kind of questions or assessment the teacher will be giving. So we just "tembak" lah. Below was our conversation with Charlotte last night...

Me: Charlotte, when teacher asks you question you must answer ok?
Charlotte: Yes

Me: If teacher asks you what is your name?
Charlotte: My name is Charlotte Chan
Me: Good, say loud loud ya. If teacher asks you how old are you?
Charlotte: I am 2 years old (showing her 2 fingers also)
Me: Ok, what do you say when you want to shee shee (wee wee)?
Charlotte: Teacher, I want to shee shee
Me: OK, what do you say when you want to pangsai (pass motion)?
Charlotte: Teacher, I want to pangsai
Me: Yes, must tell teacher ya, very important.
Daddy: Teacher asks you do you want to go to school?
Charlotte: Yes
Daddy: What do you do in school?
Charlotte: *think for awhile* mum mum (because I told her she must eat together with other kids *slaphead*)
Daddy: No la, you go to school to study
Charlotte: Oh, ok
Daddy: What car daddy drives?
Charlotte: B-M-W
Daddy: What car mommy drives?
Charlotte: Honda Jazz
Me: Teacher won't ask these questions la...bottom line is, when teacher ask you questions you must answer ok?

Charlotte: Yes! (that was loud)

Good luck Charlotte!


  1. Oh wow... Interview some more.. You're enrolling her to St Christopher?

  2. wow she can really talk so well. My son wont be ablke to answer any of the question at all.