Friday, August 1, 2008


Day 4:
Getting ready was still a smooth process until we got to the school. I wanted to inform the teacher regarding the missing bread and so I stood there and talked to Charlotte's teacher and the principle while the other teacher took Charlotte to join the rest of the kids. Wrong move!!! Charlotte was keeping her eye on me and after I finished talking she insisted me to join her, she cried!

I know she was still crying when I left. So I left with a heavy heart and mixed feeling. I counted every hour and every second, finally it's 12pm and I speed off to school! The first thing I noticed was she changed to another dress! Not a good sign. Her teacher told me she threw up a bit but she was very involved in every activity. She also finished her bento! I am very sure this time that the kakak (this how the children call the indonesian maid) in the school didn't eat any. But she still didn't want to go wee wee and didn't have lunch in the school.

Day 5:
She woke up around 7.30am, and getting her ready was still pretty easy by offering her "pretty dress". I got ready her bento and water tumbler and off we went after she had her milk. On our way to the school, she said to me "mommy please don't go park car" (this was what I told her as an excuse to leave). As we were approaching the school, she asked "where this place?" (her way of asking "where are we going") and I knew it is not going to be easy. True enough, she held my hand very tightly as we walked to the school. She didn't want to let me go, I had to join her in the singing session. I tried many times to leave/escape but all failed and she cried and cried and cried...I just had to leave and you know what happened.

When I went to pick her, she was still in the same dress. That means she didn't vomit, and she probably didn't cry too long after I left. Teacher Karen told me she had a good time, singing (every Friday they have a sing and worship session) and played with her friends (yes, got friends already) at the playground.

She still didn't go wee wee and didn't have lunch at school.

This basically concluded her first week in school. I know this is not going to be easy come next Monday, but this is the journey that both of us has to go through. I pray that this difficult time will end sooner than it has to be.


  1. Is Charlotte attending Tumble Tot???

  2. Looks like she adapts pretty well.

    All the best!

  3. wish Charlotte having a nice study life in new enviroment.

  4. Bravo Charlotte! Looks like she is adapting very well.

  5. Usually we will have hard time leaving the kid at school on Monday:)

    Do give her a kiss and say bye bye to her and tell her you will come to pick her up later. This will make the little one feel better as she knows mummy will come to pick her up "later". But it takes time to stop the crying part.