Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Charlotte was very happy that finally she gets to open all the Christmas presents. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to get all the presents under the Christmas tree this year. All Charlotte's KorKor and Ah Pek didn't give out the Christmas gifts until Christmas night but this year she got 2 sets of Barbie dolls, this was one of it she posted with...

We then got ourselves ready for Christmas lunch with my parents and brothers. Charlotte was wearing this beautiful dress bought by my brother recently when he and his family went to the States for holidays. She was also wearing the Santa's hat that I bought for her and for all her cousin sisters the night before...she wanted to wish Merry Christmas to Simba before we headed off to the restaurant.

I had a nicest lunch ever that afternoon and all thanks to the Crayola Color Wonder that I bought for her as Christmas gift. She was so excited by the magical markers and not only that, her cousin brother Isaiah was also very impressed by it. Both of them were busy coloring all the time...

and they found magic within magic too...

This is what I mean: the coloring page above only shows the Cogsworth (the clock) for the coloring activity. But my nephew Isaiah found the hidden images like those numbers beside as he tried the magic markers on the empty space. Interesting? After that discovery, both Isaiah and Charlotte were more interested in finding those hidden objects than the image shows on each page. *faint*

After lunch, I had to make sure Charlotte falls back on her daily schedule quickly again because we were going to meet at one of Pat's sister house that night for another Christmas feast.

Charlotte had a lot of fun meeting with all her cousin sisters and brothers on Christmas night...

There was a lot of chit chating (the adults) and running around (the children) and a lot of food too but the one catched everybody's attention was the Nintendo games that Pat's brother-in-law got. At first everybody wanted to get a chance on that remotes but only the boys stayed longer by the games. The girls later gathered and formed a spontaneous Christmas carol. We then realized how much all our nieces had grown up and they are so talented (even the younger ones). We had one played on the piano and the other one played the guitar while the rest sang the sweet sweet Christmas songs. The entire house warmed up immediately and the night felt extraordinarily bright! It's SO good to have daughter(s) :)

Charlotte came home that night with 11 Christmas gifts and 1 big ang pow. We were so exhausted but the agenda didn't end there. The big Chan family will be gathering at a photo studio the next day for their 1st "complete" family picture! So, we had to let Charlotte to have enough rest for a perfect picture the next day.

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  1. A bit late but better than never, Merry Christmas and happy new year. NIce dress too!