Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Girls' Adventure

Call me daring, I actually took Charlotte and Brenda down to KL myself last weekend :p Pat was in KL the whole of last week and he will be staying over the weekend so he invited us to join him there for the weekend.

I wasn't really keen of going at first but since daddy keep on asking, I decided to take 2nd half of Friday off and start my journey while the sky is still bright. I let Charlotte put on diaper as I am not planning to stop at rest area to minimize any possible hijack risk...(ya, my usual paranoid thinking...). I bring all the food and snacks along to make sure that in case we got stuck in traffic Charlotte and Brenda will not go hungry. Also, intead of booster seat I told Charlotte that she has to go on the car seat for this journey. She was very cooperative and she loved her "baby car seat" in fact! The trip was rather smooth and we reached at the hotel around 5.30pm. Thank you Lord for keeping us safe. Also thanks to the new GPS we got :)

We did a lot of shopping, yes Christmas shopping and we were like mall hopping all the time. We went to The Curve, Ikano Power Center, IKEA and The Gardens in 1.5 days. We missed Pavilion this time and 1-U. I'm gonna cut long story short so that all can fit in 1 post (heehee!)

We also went to Zoo Negara and I think that's Charlotte's highlight of this trip (besides the super-dooper Christmas decor at the malls). We went around the zoo in the tramp and later on we walked around too. Charlotte gets to feed the elephants for the 1st time!

Another very interesting thing we saw was at the lions and tigers area. The lions and tigers were kept a distance from the visitors by a narrow canal. When we were at the tigers', we saw this particular tiger walking from the ground into the canal, and walk along the canal for a good time and then came up to the ground. It repeated this routine at least 5 times when we were there. I guess the weather must be so warm that the tiger also needed to keep itself cool and wet. Funny thing was Charlotte observed just like all of us but later on she asked "why the tiger never shake shake like simba when finish pom pom?". We thought that was such a nice observation she made and in fact we never realized that the tiger did not shake off the water when it came up to the ground. Interesting...

That was Charlotte's highlight, what about mommy's highlight? I always want to go this particular shop when I read about the news that it is coming!

Yes, Daiso Japan! How can I miss it? I know I made a promise for not getting anymore bento stuff, but Daiso isn't just about bento, it has almost everything under the sun that you are looking for :) Well, maybe it's just me la, but I came all the way from Penang mah...Everything in this store is RM5 and we spent our last 1 hour there before we called it a trip :)

Here are some of the interesting that I bought. I found this glass door/window decor jelly and I was so happy about it. I bought 4 packs when I was in Japan 2 years ago and I am using my last pack now at home. It's just the right time to add some new ones for future use. The 2nd picture is a set of pattern cutters, and it's only RM5! Must buy right?

I also bought some more bento stuff, but I remember my promise so those are not adding to my collection but they are presents. I am giving it to some of my bento making friends, I'm sure they will be so happy when they get it! I'm not posting the bento stuff pictures here, just in case you are one of them getting it, right?

By the way, not just me, Brenda (our maid) also got into bento thingy (muahahaha!)! She also bought several lunch boxes for her daughters :) See the power of influence?!


  1. bravo to the girls! guess more girls trips coming up huh!!? :-)

  2. This Daiso Japan shop you mention..which shopping mall? We r going down KL for the long holidays!

  3. Hi Pet - Daiso is located at The Curve, 2nd floor. Happy shopping!