Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Who do you think Charlotte resembles more, Pat or I? We have not have a consistent feedback like "oh, she looks just like mommy!" or "oh, she looks just like daddy!". Of course, some of the folks we met said she looks like me and other said she looks like daddy but at the end of the day, the votes we get counted just equally for me and Pat.

For certain look or expression, she has my shadow and other angle she looks exactly like her daddy. I was looking through the picture archives that I have and found these 2 pictures which was rather candidly took one evening.

She has my eyes, similar facial expression, and I think she looks just like me (well, a younger version of me of course)!


  1. the first photo really look alike!

  2. Definitely looks like u in the photos!

  3. i think she looks just like you ! and the 2nd photo is my favorite :)

  4. Oh...the hairstyle, really cute..with a curve!