Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another New Chapter

Today is her first day at school, new school! It was a tough decision but we thought it should do more good than harm by changing Charlotte to this new environment.

She always looks forward to go to this school and each time we pass by she will ask can she go yet and because the school was closed during school holidays we had to make up a lot of excuses and reasons why she is not a allowed to go, yet.

Finally, she was all excited and happy when we went there last Saturday for an orientation. Immediately she found her spot and settled down at a play station. She didn't even bother when I had to leave her to go for payment and stuff collections.

There are a few of changes that she is going to experience with this
1. She has to wear school uniform, no more pretty dress to school.
2. It is a full day school, she has to eat and nap in the school. (this is going to be tough)
3. It is a Chinese speaking environment (she doesn't understand a single word, for now)

I am not worried about 1 and 3, but 2 is always a challenge even at home. I hope she will learn a better eating habit soon.

This was how she looked like this morning, all happy and ready for her new start

I peeked from the door when I went for pick up later on. I saw her sitting among a room of preschoolers, so focused listening to the teacher whom was telling a story, in Mandarin. I doubt she understands any of it but I am happy to see a tear-free start. Well, the first week is only half day schedule. Will see how she does next week, when full day schedule starts.


  1. she looks so cute in the sailor uniform :)

  2. new school, Mandarin oriented? Where is it?

  3. Wow! Big change for the new year? Kids learn fast. I am sure she'll do well there.

  4. Wow, new year new school. Im sure she will ok for full daycare.