Sunday, December 28, 2008

On Christmas Eve

We had a long agenda lined up for the next few days and the immediate started on Christmas eve. Knowing that we were going to have long night, I kept Charlotte on schedule during the day, such as her meals and nap. We don't want a cranky preschooler while everybody is busy catching up.

We had a big reunion dinner with Pat's family on Christmas eve. It's the 1st time all Pat's siblings (10 of them, plus the spouse and children) were back from various countries and places! I have not met one of Pat's sister from Australia, not even once since I met Pat 15 years ago (time flies). They are back this time and the Chan's family planned to have a big family photo shoot at a photo studio during the Christmas week.

After the reunion dinner, we headed off to meet my parents at Church and also joined the Christmas eve service. This is our 2nd year joining Christmas eve service with Charlotte and my parents. This time, Charlotte did a lot better compared to last year as she managed to stay up all the way till the end (we left right after holy communion last year) but she was disappointed as there was no Santa Clause :( I managed to talk her through and keeping her look forward to Christmas day and all those presents placed under the Christmas tree at home.

We reached home about half past midnight but we had a wonderful Christmas eve and spent time with both of our families, fair and square :)

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