Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is It Here Yet?

Remember the eoe online photo print? I submitted my review write-up and uploaded 50 photos to be printed in 4R size last Thursday night and I started to count down, subconsciously measuring the efficiency of this new online service. What to do? It's a competitive edge, other than quality and cost, speed/efficiency is also one of the market winning strategies. Aye?

I received a reply on my review submission right the next day (Friday). Deep down, I discounted Saturday and Sunday from the virtual measurement chart since it is weekend but I should be expecting the package by Wednesday if the printing is done on Monday and sending out on Tuesday...I was really counting, well not so much of the service level but I was also very keen to receive those precious memories so that I can start using the new album that I bought from HK Disneyland.

The first thing I did when I stepped into my front porch last night was to check on the mail box, it was empty! "Maybe Brenda has taken it out" I thought and I was happy to see my cheerful little princess, jumping up and down at the front door. The next thing was, I was presented with this package and it's here!!!

I looked through all the printouts and I am giving it a 2 thumbs-up to eoe online! Here's what I like:

1. All printouts are properly filed in the albums (they are not coming in loose)
2. Print quality is as good as those I experienced from the printing house
3. Efficient! The package arrived just as expected!
4. Hassle free! I don't have to copy photos in a thumb drive, driving/walking to a print store, find parking, wait to collect printouts, pay for parking and etc.
5. Cheap! It is only RM0.30 for 4R!!!

My new wall...

Well, I am getting these 50 prints for free because of the blogger review program. Thank you eoe online! They are now offering phase II of the blogger review program (for 100 entries) and the grand prize has been upgraded to a Olympus E520 kit with 14-42mm lens (worth RM2499!). Quickly, submit your review today and get the free prints plus stands a chance to win this digital madness grand prize!

I only hope that eoe online will maintain the service quality even when they are getting more and more established. You know, some superb service quality only lasted a little while. For now, I am definitely going to be a return customer :)

Now, I need to quickly post this update and link back to the review program and wait for the RM50 cheque to be mailed to me! *rubbing hands greedily*


  1. Wow! Btw, including the shipping cost, how much does each photo cost?

  2. Hi Pet, I got the 50 printouts for free with the blogger review program!

  3. sounds like a very good deal ! i've gotto try this. thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Thanks for your info. BTW, the review that we sent to eoe is subject to approval for the 50 4R free? or they will give us straight away so long we send them review.