Thursday, December 11, 2008

You Will Love e-Photo Print with eoe online!

Since our last trip to Hong Kong till now I think I have several folders of digital pictures awaiting to be printed out. Many times before I was at the printing house but I forgot my thumb-drive which I uploaded all those pictures that I wanted to print. When I remembered my thumb-drive, I was either always on the rush or can’t find a good parking to just make that happen, and so I have been procrastinating it. Christmas is coming, and I will have even more pictures to add to my need-to-be-printed collection.

I have been waiting for a promotion from my personal favorite print store as I know they are going to have RM0.35 next week for 4R! Then again, usually the queue is rather long and photo collection has to be in a separate trip instead of instant due to the high demand during the promotion period. But…thanks to eoe online! I can now make those digital prints at my own convenience and it is cheap!

Crazy as it may sound, this is the 1st online print store that I think it is almost competitive with what I experienced with shutterfly when I was in the US. I said “almost” because I just ordered my 1st print and will see how the result is going to be (he! he!). They are now offering 4R at RM0.30 and 5R at RM0.50! Free shipping to destinations in Malaysia if you purchase over RM35! Yes, believe it!

Registration is easy, the website is superb and by that I mean I am usually not very good doing the navigation with new sites but with eoe online I have no problem finding what I need to know and doing what I need to do. What I like the most is I can do the photo uploading at my own convenience, I don’t have to remember my thumb drive, I save my time running around on the road and finding parking, and most of all I save good money!

In fact, there are more than just digital printing service, this site also offers unlimited storage for you to store (you may take it as back-ups) and share those great memories with your friends and loved ones, create and send photo greetings, and some cool photography products and accessories are available for sale too!

Blogger friends, you are going to love this – you get free prints and reasonable cash reward by writing them a review! That’s what I am doing now actually (guilty as charged).

Go check it out, eoe online! Happy shopping/blogging!

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