Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An Incident At School - When Told By Different People

I was tied up at work on Wednesday and Pat helped me to pick up Charlotte from school. I tried to contact Pat in the afternoon to get some updates if Charlotte was fine at school and if she cried when Pat dropped her off at home. Unfortunately, Pat was in meeting all day and we didn't get a chance to catch up.

I got home around 5.45pm and I asked Brenda if Charlotte was alright. The first thing she told me was:

Brenda's version
Brenda: When she came back, her dress was changed.
Me: Changed? Why? She wee wee again?
Brenda: No, both top and bottom, all changed. Sir said she got locked in the toilet and she fell because her friend pushed her.
Me: Huh?? What?? Locked in the toilet?? How come?? Then how did she get out?? (follow by all sorts of questions)
Brenda: I don't know, this is what Sir said.

Charlotte's version
Me: Charlotte, you fell down in the school toilet ah?
Charlotte: Yes
Me: How? Friend friend pushed you?
Charlotte: Yes, friend friend pushed me, then shee shee (wee wee) on me, then I wet wet
Me: Huh? your friend shee shee on you?
Charlotte: Hmm, then kakak pom pom (shower) me.
Me: HUH?? Friend friend shee shee on you? How come?
Charlotte: Yes, my dress wet wet, then kakak pom pom me
Me: Friend friend pushed you or friend friend shee shee on you ? (confused)
Charlotte:, my friend go the toilet next door, then I shee shee wet wet
Me: What next door? How come wet wet?

Daddy's version
Me: What happened at school today? What did the teacher tell you?
Pat: Don't know la, she said something like Charlotte fell down in the toilet and wet her dress. So they changed her.
Me: How come Brenda said Charlotte was locked in the toilet?
Pat: No la, I didn't say that
Me: Charlotte told me that her friend wee wee on her, that's why she was wet.
Pat: Huh? How come wee wee on her? They bullied her ah?
Me: Aiyo, you were the one fetched her how come you ask me back?
Pat: Don't know la, because when the teacher told me Charlotte was also talking to me at the same time. So I didn't actually hear properly

I was so worried, keep thinking about what could be the possibility.
How come Charlotte got locked in the toilet? That was so dangerous! Where was the teacher?
Why her friend so naughty went wee wee on her and how? Where was the teacher?
Charlotte didn't have towel in the school, what did they use to dry her if they really shower her like what Charlotte told me?
Or her friend pushed her and she fell down? Where was the teacher then?
Did she cry? Oh dear, poor baby...I must ask the teacher tomorrow...

Another thing was Charlotte gave away her donut that I bought her, her favorite donut. How come she gave that away? What did she eat? I must ask the teacher tomorrow...

This is the version from her teacher the next morning: Teacher's version
Me: Teacher, what happened to Charlotte yesterday?
Teacher: Oh, there was this new boy in school. Charlotte was squatting down wee wee-ing and this boy rushed into the toilet and wee wee beside her. She was wet a bit because the boy stood beside her. This boy suppose to go to the other toilet, which is for the boys. But since he is new and he must have desperately need to wee wee then, so he just ran inside. I'm so sorry about it.
Me: Oh! No wonder Charlotte told me her friend shee shee on her.
Teacher: Yeah, then we quickly took her to shower and changed her. I'm very sorry about it
Me: Oh I see. (but I forgot about the towel thing, haiya!) and she gave away her donut?
Teacher: Yes, she gave to her friends and she ate her friend's stuff.
Me: Oh! (rushing to work, didn't ask what stuff did she eat, never mind la)

Well, at lest half the story my girl told me was true, more accurate than her Auntie Brenda and her daddy :)


  1. many version. But, at least Charlotte got it rit, wat a clever girl!

  2. haha..oredi start barter trade at school.. at least she ate something :)

  3. yup..sometimes what they say is usually the truth. i guess kids at that age don't know how to lie yet.