Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back To School...& Accomplishment!

Charlotte is back to school after 1 week of absence. She is definitely doing much better this week and all of us are so glad and relief with this improvement. She cried every morning as we were getting her ready for school and on the way she kept saying "I don't want go kool...". Good thing is she stopped as we arrived at the school front gate, and she said bye bye to us when her teacher carried her over. I usually stood at the corner for awhile before I leave. I just need to know and make sure that she is ok.

On Thursday morning, she wailed the same way except it was a little intense. I used a longer route hoping for her to claim down before reaching school. I turned into nearby market and immediately she asked "where this place?" (her way of asking where are we going?). I said "we go to school". Immediately she wailed, even louder than before "No, mommy go buy mum mum. I want to follow!" She must have recalled that this is the place I bring her almost every weekend, for marketing and breakfast. I continue to drive towards her school and as I parked in front of the school gate, she said "bye bye mommy" and waved to me although she was still in tears.

Today is Friday and so they have the sing and worship session. When I went to pick her up the teacher told me this
Teacher M: We sang "God Is So Good" this morning and I noticed Charlotte was singing with action. So I asked her to come in front and sing, and she did!
Me: Oh, yes! She knows this song! (didn't think it was a big deal)
Teacher M: Yes, we thought she won't do it when she is called to the front but she did!
Me: You mean she solo?
Teacher M: Yes, solo in front of all teachers and children. I wanted to video taped it but too late.
Me: Wow, that's really something! I am so glad and proud!! I would love to see the video if you catch it for me :)

According to the teacher, Charlotte enjoys every activity and participates well in the class except meal time. She cries almost every time meal is served. She prefers to eat her bento instead. That makes me think that her bento needs to include lunch when I make it the next time.

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