Thursday, August 7, 2008


I was anticipating the "separation anxiety" challenge when school starts this week but Charlotte was down with fever last Sunday evening. However, after 1 doze of PCM she was alright and hence none of us were paying to much attention to it. Until Tuesday night, she told me she felt very cold for the first time. I immediately checked on her and it was already 39.4 degree C. Quickly I gave her 1 doze of PCM and sponged her as we rushed to the pediatrics clinic. Dr. Sim was only worried if it was due to urine infection and we were asked to return the next morning to do the urine test (the lab was closed at that time). Fortunately, the urine test result was clear and Dr Sim only advised us to monitor the condition since the fever had already subsided throughout the night.

Charlotte's face started to pop up with pinkish rashes yesterday and it has spread through her arms and legs this morning. My first thought was "Oh no, Measles!" and I checked her immunization record the Measles jab was intentionally voided. I then checked with a few of my friends and they all confirmed that the Measles jab was not given to their child too. So what could that be?

Of course Dr Sim was the next person I called. He advised me that it is a type of viral illness among young children called Roseola Infectum. It will appear once the fever has subsided and it will last for 3-4 days. He also said that there is no more Measles at this time and hence the Measles jab is no longer required.

Now that the root cause of the sickness has identified, I am dealing with a especially fussy, easily irritated and very sensitive child. She wants to be "in touch" with me every minute, every second. I can't bath, can't attend to phone calls, can't work on the computer, can't drive (once we got into the car, she wants to continue to sit on my lap), she doesn't want her aunty Brenda, doesn't want daddy, doesn't want Ah Mah. She wails and wails and wails if I fail to meet her "demand". Her appetite dropped significantly, she hardly finish 10oz of milk in a day, and only very minimum on solid.

I already missed work 2 days and I don't know how long this would go on. Her cries really really drive me crazy. This is the worse tantrum I ever experienced since her birth. I need to be really really careful of what I said to her, or offered her. It could easily trigger her sensitive nerve. I am extremely stressed out, Aahhhhhhhh!!!


  1. Hang in there! At least now you know it is nothing serious.

    Hope she gets well really soon.

  2. oh, don't be so upset, charlotte just need more time on this transition period.
    but can tell that you are doing good job to take care of her.
    add oil!!!

  3. Oh, pls take care yourself. She's gonna get better and things will settle down.

    Dear Charlotte, get well soon.

  4. Sze Yi got this Roseola twice too. But don't worry, her paed said a child can only get it twice and no more. Hope mommy & daughter have weathered it thru... take care.