Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mommy I Want...

I always try my best to fulfill Charlotte's demand if it is within my control, if it is reasonable, if it is not dangerous/hazardous to give. Charlotte has this body suit from Carter which I bought her when I went to the States, it says:

It suits her perfectly until lately, when her demands get more and more challenging...

"Mommy I want rainbow..." it was raining recently and she remembered rainbow after rain as shown on Barney show. How to promise a rainbow? I need to get a prism *make mental note*

One night, she saw a lizard on the wall, it was quite a big one and she pointed it to me and said "mommy see lizard! Mommy take!" *faint*

Sometimes she requests to repeat the show that we watch on Disney Channel, like Little Einstein, Mickey Mouse Club House, My Friends Tigger and Pooh and etc. But they are TV programs, not DVD movies and we can't replay it when it is "The End". When she says "Mommy I want some more...!" how?

We used to have fun getting Charlotte to pay the parking fee at the auto pay machine. Lately, she always wanted to get jackpot (when we don't have small change and the machine will return the 50 cent coins from the return slot) from the machine. Obviously we try to avoid getting all coins when we actually can pay with the exact amount. She will shout and scream "I want coins, I want ding ding ding...!)

We stay very nearby to Penang International Airport, it is very often we see aeroplanes in the sky and that's when she asks "I want aeroplane!". The last time she asked, she got it but dear, your mommy is not a money printing machine ok?

This morning she told me she wants to wear something like Ariel as she was watching the Little Mermaid movie. I didn't understand what she said and I asked again. She said I want to wear this and pointed to my chest. Did you get it? She wants to wear bra! *slap head*

The only thing she doesn't want is "I don't want kool (school), mommy don't go to work". How to not go to work?

Dear, mommy needs money to fulfill your very creative demands ok?

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