Friday, August 22, 2008

Too Many...

As I was preparing Charlotte's bento this morning, I realized how much we have over spent on her.

I bought too many tumblers, cups, bowls, folks & spoons, bento stuffs. Some more on the way...

I looked further and I found she has too many pillows, bolsters and blankets, she hardly use any of them when she sleeps. She has a queen size bed in her room and a super single in my room when she co-sleep with us.

Too many clothes, towels, hankies and panties too. We even have a separate closet just to hang all her dresses.

Too many pairs of shoes, sandals and socks to match with her outfits.

Too many books

Too many movies

Charlotte also enjoys some of the movies we watched, like...

Too many toys...I really don't know how to take picture of those toys, they are all over the house. I can only take a picture of toys stored at our store room. Charlotte refers to the room as "toy room" instead.


  1. can keep for your granddaughter...just like Ern is wearing some of the blouses that my mum kept for like 30+ years!!!

  2. Oh...are you selling any? :-)

  3. Kakakakakak..i like wat ws said...keep for your granddotter!..Kakakakakak

    Clothes, shoes & tumbler, i think u can scale down buying.

    But bento stuff, i think u shudn't feel sorry abt investing, coz these can use for a looong time. Plus u need the tools for inspiration to create cute meals for her. Afterall, she does eat your designs :)

  4. Hahaha. Phew! I am only guilty of too many books, toys and tapes and perhaps some clothes. My kids have only one shoe and one sandals each because I think they outgrow it so fast. Hehe. BTW, thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Hello...
    wow, that's really a lot of stuff. usually the first child is the luckiest!

  6. wow, really a lot. nevermind can give to Di-di or mei mei next time.

  7. Wei.. Haven't been here.. so my comment a bit late. Here it is:
    Wahahahaa... I shoudl direct Ben here.. then he won't ever say that I buy too many things for Evan!

  8. You can never get enough of bento stuff!