Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Game

Keeping Charlotte occupied when we dine out is a challenging task for the fact that she doesn't eat much and would normally be bored if she has to wait and sit on the high chair for too long.

These days making her a special bento that includes her favorite snacks would be an alternative when we dine out with friends, when it is not very nice to make everyone else follow our little girl's taste buds. Other than that, a book and a pen would be necessary to keep her occupied.

She would normally practise her numbers and alphabets, but she gets bored very quickly. This happened last weekend when we met up with some friends for dinner. She started with her very nice work and then she just scribbled when she was bored.

I then this idea struck me and I introduced this game to her. A simple mathematics game, I draw and she counts and writes down the correct number. To my surprise she mastered it very quickly.

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  1. Wow...that's great. That's why I try to bring along some papers and pen, so that she can scribble.

    Btw, gave you an award.. BRILLANTE WEBLOG PREMIO 2008. Check it out at my daughter's blog.